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Trump is America's Greatest Threat to National Security, and Its Biggest Leak

The American people know that it is Trump himself who is the greatest danger to national security. While bragging to Russians in a secret meeting in the Oval Office, he handed them top secret information given to us by the Israelis about ISIS. 378 more words

Trump Will be Outsmarted and Over-Matched During his Trip

America has learned during Trump’s four very long months in office that he is easily manipulated. Outsmarting Trump is easy; simply praise him and make him feel ‘special.’ This is how any mentally challenged person is controlled. 250 more words

Trump Cannot and Will not Change

On Thursday, just one day before Trump was to leave on a nine-day trip to Saudi Arabia, Israel, Rome, Brussels, and Sicily, he addressed the press. 620 more words

Donnie Boy Must Stop Whining and Take an Honest Look at the Polls

“Look at the way I have been treated lately, especially by the media,” he said. “No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly. 373 more words

A Pathetic Donald Trump Displays his Weakness at Liberty

I decided that I needed to write a little more about Trump’s sad commencement speech at controversial ‘Liberty University’ yesterday. What can I say? It was not uplifting; Trump wouldn’t understand what that meant. 524 more words

America Needs a Grown-up as our President: That is not Trump

Trump hates the truth more than anything in the world. His temperament is so weak that he is unable to control his rage when facts are forced upon him. 277 more words

President Obama Attempted to Warn Trump about Flynn: Trump didn't Listen

We know two things about disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn; he was taking money for foreign nations while working on Trump’s campaign; and both Trump and his circle of sinners were warned about Flynn’s activities before Donnie boy made his selection. 344 more words