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What I have Claimed for nearly 30 Months is now Reported as Fact

The interviews in Michael Wolff’s book, “Fire and Fury: Inside Trump’s White House,” are proof that what I began speculating and reporting in June of 2015 are factual. 294 more words

Trump's poor Decision to Hire Steve Bannon Requires him to Face Allegations Regarding his Incompetency

In August of 2016, after Trump bullied his way into the Republican Party’s presidential nomination, his campaign was floundering. To his rescue came Billionaire Robert Mercer who had previously organized and funded Ted Cruz’ failed effort to win the nomination. 384 more words

To Protect Trump's very fragile Ego, He Shut Down 'We the People'

President Obama was proud of his efforts to serve the American people, and he had a right to be so. He was also concerned about issues which were important to all of our nation’s people. 371 more words

More Self-Love from Trump in an Effort to Make Himself Appear Relevant

“Remember, Republicans are 5-0 in Congressional Races this year,” he tweeted Monday morning. “The media refuses to mention this. I said Gillespie and Moore would lose (for very different reasons), and they did. 383 more words

Dorothy Mills [2008]

When small-town teen Dorothy Mills tries to kill an infant, everyone agrees that something is wrong with her, but no one is quite sure what. Expert psychologist Jane Van Dopp travels to the remote community to investigate.

Feature Film

Good Time [2017]

Constantine “Connie” Nikas and his mentally challenged younger brother, Nick, attempt to rob a New York bank for $65,000. They appear to be successful.

Feature Film

Exceptional visit to a Garden.....

My daily routine includes to take my little princess to the garden during evening time.

It’s nearby my house and so many children are gathered and play there. 502 more words

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