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Can our Military Allow Trump to Continue his Rash and Cataclysmic Foreign Policy

The last to remove a failing despot is a military coupe. For any nation which loves its freedom, this is a frightening consideration. However, when not only the survival of a nation is in the balance of a despotic and irrational leader, but the survival of the world can be decided by an ignorant and mentally challenged individual, what is the alternative? 240 more words

How Many Days Until Thousands of More Troops Return to Afghanistan?

Yesterday Trump made another unilateral decision which is not only questionable in itself, but will be controversial regarding its success. The largest bomb in the American arsenal is called MOAB; or “the Mother of All Bombs.” It is 30 feet long and weighs 22,000 pounds. 456 more words

Buhay Sa Likod ng Pagkalinga: The Lived Experiences of Family Caregiver of Mentally Challenged Individuals In Puerto Princesa City

Marjorie Baclaan, Ric Henry Pagmanoja
Ma. Bea Pilar Palatino, Antonette Villaruel


Taking care of someone that is mentally challenged takes a lot of responsibility and effort, especially when it is your relative. 166 more words

Learning with challenges

Scoots’ hand in mine, we walk home from school. His other hand blows a new harmonica, one of many Miss Helen bought at Johnson’s Variety. 139 more words

Daily Prompt

Trump Doth Protest Too Much

Every time Trump opens his mouth we can expect a lie to emerge. This has become standard operating procedure for the man who is infesting the White House. 478 more words

Why Trump Refuses to Throw Out the First Pitch

Attached to this article is a very humorous list of the 10 reasons Trump will not follow a tradition by generations of American presidents and throw out the first pitch on opening day for the Washington Nationals. 231 more words