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Boat Theory

I like to think of life and work or business as a boat, the Suzie boat.

  1. You have a few on the front, positive, energetic and helping you to move forward.
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Getting Away.

Last weekend, I attended a yearly men’s conference hosted by the Navigators in Wichita Falls. The primary reason for going was to connect more with Clyde, one of my mentors from church. 693 more words


Ready to Soar

She is an entrepreneur, influencer, investor, mentor, and mother. If there was any businesswoman to look up to it would be this lady, Naomi Simson. Her journey as a small business owner, champion and advocate has inspired many women across Australia to really strive for leadership in business, including me. 415 more words

Personal Development

Vegan Meal Plans

Reach your goals with a fully customised vegan meal plan.

ONLY £25

This is for you if you want to go it alone and you’re comfortable with transitioning to a vegan diet but need a bit of a helping hand. 106 more words


They're Gonna Hate Me for This.... One Simple Trick to Bother Important People

In my recent post, I talked about my advice addiction and tendency to bug people like Ryan Holiday.

In that post I make it seem shocking that Ryan would reply to me. 601 more words

Jesus is #The Man

I admire and look up to a lot of people. As has been said, “If you see a turtle on a fence post you know he didn’t get there by himself.” I have come as far as I have on the passion, perspiration, and performance of hundreds of men who lived both before me and concurrently with me. 223 more words

Superpuzzle 1

On our program this evening we began chapter thirty. Jake and Jasmine went to Philadelphia to meet with Rico for the first time. Both Jake and Jasmine were amazed at Rico’s mansion. 64 more words