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I love my job and really I should say I love my life. I am blessed to be able to live and work in the Vienna Community. 387 more words

Fire Service

Wednesday Neothink Mentor call 2Sep2015



Loren and I finished our trek through Part One – Liberate Us from the Ruling Class! 180 more words


Becoming an Adult in Christ.

I have been going to church ever since I was an egg and sperm in my parents bodies… maybe not sperm, because my father became a Christian after I was born. 908 more words

LinkedIn "Decision Boards"

Being a daily LinkedIn user you’d think I would have seen something about LinkedIn Decision Boards by now. But nope. Today was the first I’d seen, and it’s pretty neat, so thought I’d share. 234 more words


Who do I want to be in the music ministry?

This question was one that I asked myself when I was one year into the music ministry, back in 2010. This was catalyzed by a conversation that I had with a fellow musician from my church who said that he was a simple musician with pride implying that this was all he was capable of doing. 311 more words

"Seize the Day" ... an important message at the start of every school year

During our two theme days, year 2 students learned about the balance between feeling well and doing well. In a series of activities entitled “ 285 more words

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Excel Practice

Today I completed a homework exercise assigned to me by Mr. Bidanset. In this assignment I had to complete some simple exercises in excel while also analyzing the data I was given. 62 more words

Senior Project