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A Hero or A Mentor

Heroes, who are they? Superman? Batman? Wonder Woman? Not exactly, but they are
people, people we look up to in our lives. Your hero may not fly, have super
strength, or even wear a cape, but they still have the power to "save" the day. 115 more words

Wednesday Neothink Mentor call 3Feb2016

Fellow Visionaries,

Tonight, for the 03FEBRUARY16 EDITION OF TVP/3KYOS NIGHT, Loren and I continued our journey through “Part Three – Send Us to the Wealthy Elite Class! 132 more words


Just let it go

Personal development is really important thing for me and for people around me. As my mentor tries to guide my trough this path, and he recommends me different trainings which will be really useful for my skills and personal characteristics. 468 more words


Decisions regarding mentoring.

Today I realized that the young person that I started mentoring in music might change churches. I am not against her going to another church, because I have no longer any real attachment to her. 489 more words

Đại học trực tuyến đầu tiên tại Việt Nam: Muốn thi phải đặt đủ 8 câu hỏi

VTC News– Ở FUNiX – đại học trực tuyến đầu tiên ở Việt Nam, sinh viên muốn thi các môn học phải đặt ít nhất 8 câu hỏi. 1,976 more words

Tin Tức

3 In 5 Americans Have No More That A High School Education

The four most educated countries — Korea, Japan, Canada and Russia — report that more than 50 percent of their young people have a degree beyond high school, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

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Question Everything

In the London Spiritualist Association...

In the London spiritualist association , I was declared , very self consumed and a recluse , who had no interest in interacting with people .,) 117 more words