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Got Igbliss?

They say ignorance is bliss, but we chide that remark because nobody seeks to be ignorant.  Of course, it is simply bestowed upon some, but not because they sought it out.   423 more words


The Purpose of Preaching

I know a few people who can talk the ears off of a brass monkey. They’ll talk from one story, topic, subject, issue to another almost seamlessly and I find myself wondering if they’re actually breathing air, or if they have some other technique for making sound. 1,094 more words


Learn by Doing

Toddlers instinctively know that if they want to learn how to do something, they have to do it themselves. Try to help them, and they exclaim, “I do it!” The process is slower for us initially, but soon, they can zip and tie. 168 more words


:: LifeHacks :: The People -Mrs. Hildegarde

When I was 10 years old, I had a lovely teacher – Mrs. Hildegarde.
She was very creative, had an interesting vision on education and was very passionate about teaching. 338 more words


The Sunday Night Powers Call 9/25/16

The Sunday Night Call consists of a review of this last weekend’s 9/23, 9/24/ and 9/25 Neothink Society’s 2nd Annual Face To The World Summit. 38 more words


2L Reps Complete Mentor Assignments for 1Ls

Written by the 2L Class Reps: AJ, Athena, and Joel

The 2L reps have completed the pairing of 2L and 3L mentors to our newly welcomed 1Ls. 96 more words

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