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2-27-2015 The Friday Night Mentor Call

Chapter 68, pp.666-672, the first 3/4th of the Chapter was presented as a Casted Call: Saintura read Bruce Salinski/Al Patterson/Ziggy, Dan read Daniel Ward/Sam, Bill read Jeremiah/Mr.Melbourne/Rico, Rubel read Jake, Barry read Jesse, Linda read Angie, and Rosa was the Narrator. 248 more words


Chapter 86 02/27/2015 First half

Chapter 68, pp.666-672, the first 3/4ths of the Chapter was presented as a Casted Call: Saintura B read Bruce Salinski/Al Patterson/&Ziggy, Dan B read Daniel Ward/&Sam, Bill K read Jeremiah/Mr.Melbourne/&Rico, Rubel L read Jake, Barry B read Jesse, Linda H read Angie, and Rosa L was the Narrator. 194 more words


Comparisons of Doms (Assignment)

i’ll be honest, i don’t know how to approach this subject. i’ve considered dropping down from the ceiling like a secret agent, surprise attacking from behind like a lioness, chasing it down like a cheetah, and lying in wait for it like a spider. 1,998 more words


That Old Man Saved My Career Before It Had Even Started

“What was the best piece of advice you ever received?”

It’s a gentle thing to ponder during a long afternoon. After thinking of my all the… 711 more words

Reflections Of An Edupreneur

9 Unforgettable Leonard Nimoy Quotes That Will Inspire Anyone to Reach for the Stars

Leonard Nimoy, the actor who endeared himself to millions with his portrayal of Spock, the ultra-logical half-human, half-Vulcan first mate in the Star Trek franchise, died on Friday morning at his home in Bel Air, California. 8 more words

Daily Inspiration

Are you a mentor or champion?

I’ve never been one to choose a mentor based on gender, not all of them. Mostly, I just go to the person in the chair that I want to sit in and talk to them about what I can do to get there. 665 more words

Thoughts And Ideas

How to Prepare to Become a Dad!

While I can only touch on the preparing aspect, my wife and I are a few short (3) weeks away from having our first child. Her name is McKenna Grace no significance to family just a beautiful name with both agreed on. 469 more words