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People who are attacked by management WILL defend themselves

We talk about teamwork but we often structure our workplaces so that there are winners and losers.

We set up compensation and appraisal systems supposedly to “reward good performance.” But often, only a small percentage of the workgroup will gain the award and be seen as winners. 375 more words


Why is a mentorship program so important for your company?

Implementing a mentorship program in your business is key to developing vested, engaged employees.

Mentorship programs connect employees with each other, sometimes outside of their respective job roles or expectations. 494 more words

Professional Development

How to empower yourself, in everyday life situations.

It is important to know how to empower yourself, in everyday life situation.

Waiting for someone else to take care of it, heck you may be waiting a long time. 155 more words

Life Coaching By Ellen

Links we love on finding a mentor

We all know how important it is to have a mentor during our career journey. This week, we curated the web for the best articles on how to spot a good mentor and how to build that relationship. 105 more words


Attributes of Excellent Leaders

Dream more, complain less, listen more, talk less, love more, argue less, hope more, fear less, relax more, worry less, believe more, doubt less, play more, work less.

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Leadership Development

You need to watch this if you want to get a mentor.

Here are┬áthe three points that sum up the video on “How to get a mentor”.

  1. Know Thyself
  2. Reflect on who to reach out to…
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Starting my new venture.

So Last week I was chatting to a friend and decided to start a new part time business from home. Along with the other businesses and commitments I have. 101 more words