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- Meditation - 3 Effective Types of Stress Reducing Meditations, part 1

Meditation helps to bring you back to your calmer center. There are many different ways to meditate, so you can adapt your practice to where you are. 124 more words

Ellen R Norman

Positivity is key for leadership positions

What makes a great leader? There are many traits a great leader can and should possess, but which is the most important? The answer will vary greatly depending on who is asked and in what context, but recent research is pointing to an idea many have believed all along:  257 more words

Professional Development

5 factors that matter for employee motivation

Employee motivation can make a great difference when training and developing workers. The summer months can be a bit of a drag for employees, with warm sunshine outside, and them being stuck inside, but there are steps management can take to enhance the employee experience no matter the season. 377 more words

Office Culture

People who are attacked by management WILL defend themselves

We talk about teamwork but we often structure our workplaces so that there are winners and losers.

We set up compensation and appraisal systems supposedly to “reward good performance.” But often, only a small percentage of the workgroup will gain the award and be seen as winners. 375 more words


Why is a mentorship program so important for your company?

Implementing a mentorship program in your business is key to developing vested, engaged employees.

Mentorship programs connect employees with each other, sometimes outside of their respective job roles or expectations. 494 more words

Employee Development