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Guts, Business & JT Foxx

The thing that struck me most about JT was, and I remember thinking to myself, “This guy has guts.”

Having been brought up in an Asian household, and even though my family background is business right from… 385 more words


NPH Mentors

By Irene Cruz, Class of 2016.  Translated by Kara (Irene’s next post will be in English)

Nosotros necesitamos y contamos con ayuda de varias personas, las cuales ahora son muy importantes y forman parte de nuestra vida. 525 more words


New Lawyer Series: Mentors, development and job searching

In their very first podcast, the crew over at Lawyerist.com interviewed Alan Dershowitz about his book “Letters to a Young Lawyer“. To be fair, I haven’t read the book, but it was an interesting interview and I thought there were some especially great points about mentors, including two red flags: 620 more words

Young Lawyers

In M-L-M, The Market1ng Will Build Your Empire


Early in “Success In 10 Steps”, you can read about “the monk in the white lab coat.” I don’t think it’s just the people I’ve talked to recently. 503 more words

Mentor Ben Drake

it takes time to build that business

A powerful video from Art Jonak and the Mastermind Event on it taking time to build that business as You need to develop into that leader to become a success in network marketing. 178 more words

Mentor Ben Drake

How Desperate Are You?

Are you so desperate you’ll recruit anybody who can fog a mirror?

First, your prospects can smell desperation. You can’t hide it from them, and the good ones will avoid you like the plague. 321 more words

Mentor Ben Drake