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What's For Dinner Wednesday

Fall weather has set in here this week and I’m just not amused. No matter how I try not to, I can’t help but shiver and remark about how cold it is. 617 more words

Food and Poetry

We are still reading poetry for breakfast and I really like it.  I think it’s easy to be turned off studying poetry because of dirty words like “pentameter.”  That just can’t be good.   327 more words

Poor Little Home Schooled Kids

Menu Plan Monday 26/09/16 with My Routine Printable

Last week I talked about how I use a list to remind me to defrost food, start the slow cooker in the morning and more. It is a… 217 more words

Menu Planning

The Sticky Menu Plan to the Rescue!

As I confessed last week, for the first time in my cooking career, last Sunday I managed to burn a pot roast. I didn’t just overcook it, I flat out burned it crispy black through and through! 516 more words

Mom, What's For Dinner? - Week of September 25

It’s been almost a month since my sister died.  Right before her death, I had started a menu plan for the month of September but had not completed it. 276 more words


Five Frugal things on Friday

Hello Dear Reader,

I’m going to round up or should I say round off my week by sharing the little things I’ve done this week. Nothing massive, but you know what, it’s often the little things that we just make a habit that add up and eventually make a real difference. 449 more words

What's For Dinner Wednesday! (For real!)

Look it’s Wednesday and I’m posting my menus!

Things are keeping a swift pace here around the table. I’ve put up apple sauce and apple butter this week and still have 1/2 a bushel of apples left, which will go into zippy bags with a Tablespoon of water and be stored in the spare refrigerator for eating and cooking! 374 more words