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Homestead Menu Planning

As homesteaders, we are so tired at meal times it becomes difficult to be creative.  Having a basic menu to plan meals just may be a lifesaver in those moments.  198 more words


Weekly Meal Plan: September 17 – September 23

This will be the last meal plan post for a while as I have my c-section scheduled for next week! I’ll be working this week on scheduling a bunch of posts to go up but I can’t imagine much meal planning will be going on (especially if husband is in charge of feeding us!). 219 more words


Menu Planning 2017 (7)

The last two weeks of my part-time work life went fast! The kids are back in school and life is crazy and busy. My son is playing soccer which he loves and my daughter is dancing which she also loves. 157 more words

Food Allergies

How to plan a menu for backcountry camping

Are you considering going on a backpacking trip or a canoe trip, but aren’t quite sure what you would eat?  There are lots of things to keep in mind when you’re designing your menu, but really, it’s not that hard! 1,270 more words

Backcountry Camping

How to Eat Healthy with As Little Effort (and Money) As Possible

It’s very nearly the end of summer and most people seem determined to make the most of it while they can up here in the Pacific Northwest. 587 more words


Menu Plan Monday - September 11, 2017

One of the keys to our budget success includes making a menu plan (and sticking to it, of course!) We try to use the same basic ingredients throughout the week, in order to cut down on food waste and grocery spending. 36 more words

One empty shelf or one empty drawer

I love the sound of one hand clapping and I love one empty shelf or drawer.

I’m not sure where I first read that on a minimalist’s blog but it totally captivated me. 295 more words