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Assignment 13: Romania

Location: South eastern Europe
Population: 19.6 million
Capital: Bucharest
Geography: A country of hills, mountains, and plains with a coastline on the Black Sea
Language: Romanian… 509 more words


Website Update

New: if you’ve missed any of my posts, now it’s easier to find what you want to read on the Menu section of my website! Small change I know, but it removes the constant scrolling!



You can now share to Instagram Direct messages w/ Android’s direct share menu

(Source: 9to5google.com)

One of the best parts of Android is sharing, as the default share menu makes it easy to send content to just about anything you’d want. 163 more words


Deconstructed food

I like my foods as expected, lasagna with its layers, sandwich with bread and a filling, which is where my problem with deconstructed food comes from. 240 more words

Bamboozle: Who Let You Decide What Humour Means?

I’ve never really been one to take ostensibly ‘light-hearted’ and ‘non-malicious’ jokes to heart. Self-deprecating humour is my go-to afterall, and it’d be hypocritical of me to gawk about how big a loser I am, to then get all defensive when somebody else makes a joke under the assumption I’m cool with it. 858 more words

Morning Hacks

The chirping of birds, sunlit room and a fresh feeling makes the best of the mornings. But living in the era of congested areas and flats, chirping of the birds is hard to hear and fresh air, harder to find. 378 more words