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Menu Week 9, 05/24/2020

A note from last week’s menu. We ended up with spaghetti sauce and meatballs left over, but no noodles. I can never get that ratio right. 492 more words

AMS Migration Beginning

The association management system (AMS) migration team has been hard at work beginning the process of moving NELA to a new AMS and website platform. The on-boarding process used by MC is dived into three phases. 181 more words


Gyudon with Onsen Egg

Gyudon with Onsen Egg

Start with onsen eggs. Take the egg and place it at room temperature first Then boil the water to boil When boiling, turn off the heat. 148 more words


This week's Meals

Parmesan Crusted Tilapia, macaroni and cheese, broccoli
Frozen Pizza
Popcorn Shrimp, cheesy rice, corn
Grilled Deer Steaks, french fries, green beans
Toasted Raviolis, cottage cheese, salad
Grilled Chicken Tacos

Saturday & Sunday May 23rd & 24th Pre-Order Menu

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, MAY 23rd & 24th
(order by 9, pick up between 12 & 2)
items are going out cold for you to heat at home… 258 more words

Planning; It Is About Taming Chaos

I think it is safe to say that most of us are living in a state of uncertainty. Confusion abounds and we are starting to get a bit stir crazy. 581 more words


(Nam thần) Chương 9

Chương 9

Editor: Ngáo

Tám giờ tối, như thường lệ Úc Dương đến Dạ Sắc làm việc.

Dạ Sắc là do anh Thành sáng lập, năm năm trước nếu không phải nhờ có anh Thành ra tay giúp đỡ, hắn đã sớm suy sụp. 3,181 more words