Building a case for a new intranet

Does your intranet deliver? In order to know, the intranet team must conduct workplace observation, one-to-one interviews, measure actual usage and the end-users’ opinions. 1,126 more words

Information Architecture

Ten content commandments for intranet managers

Intranet content requires constant curation. It gives employees in the organization support and enhances efficiency when it’s written in the right way for the right target groups and sorted the right way in the structure. 569 more words

Information Architecture

Building the core intranet templates

Last Friday we ordered the core intranet templates to be installed in the WCMS. A great day and a start of the next stage in the intranet project. 164 more words

Intranet Idea

Intranet manager, you have different audiences

I’m pretty convinced the ”I want to kill some time—hey, let’s browse the intranet!”—percentage for intranets is exactly zero-point–zero. Employees in organisations don’t get onto the intranet just because they have some spare time during the work day. 667 more words

Intranet Idea

Supper: Chicken burgers on sweet potato style bread, with pesto, kale chips

When I was younger and free of the mast cell fowl beast, I used to eat a nice big juicy, greasy chicken burger with mayo and salad. 421 more words

Dairy Free