Supper: Chicken burgers on sweet potato style bread, with pesto, kale chips

When I was younger and free of the mast cell fowl beast, I used to eat a nice big juicy, greasy chicken burger with mayo and salad. 421 more words

Dairy Free

Menu Planning Part X

So we are talking about menus and how happy I am to finally have a kitchen after almost two months of cooking on a two burner hot plate, toaster, deep fryer and microwave. 502 more words



I know that things are finally beginning to turn around…

That we are getting this #HomeCrazzyHome back under control (well as much as we ever have)… 505 more words


I Blinked Again

Just a blink ago it was Monday.

I think I need to stop blinking, cause the weeks are going way too fast.

Image credit JPTGraphics.com… 131 more words


Menu Planning...

Yesterday was Sunday and one of my weekly tasks then is to plan out our menus for the week. Yes, I actually sit down, write and print a menu that hangs on our fridge all week. 607 more words


Are You Getting The Most Out of Your Menu Design?

Have your profits seen a downturn recently?

…Ever think it might be your menu?

When it comes to what to eat, the menu plays the starring role in helping a customer make a decision. 622 more words

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