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"Memories from Mars"

“Long time no see”, and. The Boyz came through.  Occasion; they heard I’d let myself go, activating The Grim Reaper’s appearance and with it, the Vibe was I had contemplated letting him in. 1,251 more words


Too late for Women's Day ?

    I was supposed to write a disclaimer at the beginning of this one. The topic scared me because its so easy make a wrong reference. Coming to think about it. 899 more words

"Baby Fat"

“Blip Blam”.  The extension, “Thank U Mam”.  Code for “Im ‘ah hit that and BF U even know, Im gone”. Origin, “Hood, Ghetto” you call it, nothing is going to stall it.  1,055 more words


Why We 'Still Need Feminism'

Because whenever a boy my age misbehaves or does something stupid everyone just says “Oh, he’s just being a boy” or “boys mature 2 years behind girls” but whenever I do the same thing I am met with “You should know better young lady!” and “That’s not ladylike!” 439 more words

Angry Feminist


Heat, bring it and despite the substance brushed up against the composition; will change.  Turned it up, further the discovery. Toxins began to snap, crackle and pop as they go up in smoke.  855 more words


PDA Syndrome


*May contain images offensive to some people *

I had a funny conversation with friends last night. They are a married couple and were complaining about… 740 more words

Art & Culture

#MeToo/A Totally Different Perspective

Yes, the title says it all, or… So you’d think.

This position was psychological from the very inception but if there’s going to be any hijacking, those seeking attention are gonna find a way to get “that” attention. 848 more words