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Sonic Sensation

Science and the FOLK practicing within the setting designed as a lab just released their findings on the (One Night Stand).  The moment after males are cool with the fact of the thrill being gone whereas the female retires into her psyche somewhat depressed.  596 more words


Gender (e)quality

For a man of my age & origins it takes a lot of courage – and a blog – to comment on the gender issue. All I can say in my defence is that I left one of the best jobs going in India for the sake of the woman I love/d and we’ve been bickering for well-nigh three-and-a-half decades by now as to which one of us was the bigger fool. 1,196 more words


What do we really want for ourselves??

             After I watched a few episodes ofSex and the city’ just one thing I couldn’t help but wondered what men really want from women. 292 more words


Unloving you

I know there is no emoji for Unlove. Maybe one is supposed to click repeatedly on Love till it goes sour & blue like Roquefort cheese? 1,153 more words


"What 'Dat Be G"

A grammatically incorrect sentence? Hardly.

A greetings from One to One who recognize they are comfortable in their own skin.

Verbal communications, audible acknowledgments, inherent. From where I sat and observe, FOLK, their behavior, much pre-dispositioned yet still and all, environmentally impacted. 826 more words


A Response to "But Why Are You Not Married?"

This is a comeback article since my absence for 2 long fuckthopia years! And yes I am grinning!

“People ask me, ‘Why are you single?’ You’re attractive, intelligent and creative.

821 more words

Relationships; Make It Last Forever.

“Inside track; you know.  It’s when you know something others don’t.  When you have it like this recognize and rise. Risk factors decrease and options exercised for success increase.  1,453 more words