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"Who Dat; PT III"

‘Lil Kubla, microcosm of what’s really goin’ on in the minds of many.  Oh, U don’t think so?  “50 Shades Of Grey The Book” 2,240 more words


Eva – An Epilogue

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Wasn’t I pretty enough?  – a pretty misleading question, because break-ups happen when a guy has no idea what he’s looking for, or the lady, or issues with both, or a lot of other things . 239 more words


Eva - part 2

See part 1 here:

On a random cloudy day, she stumbles into a four-piece-mahogany-imitation-dining-table that she had badly wanted to buy.

Some banter with the uniformed sales guy, before noticing how attentive he was, and she starts thinking… 320 more words


"Who Dat; Pt. II"

‘Lil Kubla, thought I forgot! Unconditionally “Beast”; She’s not about to ask for anything and won’t give a damn who complains regarding her reasoning.  Characteristically “Feline” in persuasion that is.  2,165 more words



Eva – classy, seductive, fun;

with a quiet confidence that unnerves the men she dates.

Unusually smart: she’ll talk about world history, throw in Aristotle, Alexander the Great and punctuate it with the Pyramids of Egypt with astounding eloquence, whenever such topics swivel over. 169 more words


The two lovers

She’s a smooth poetess, he’s a writer, a suave charmer.

He dreamt of their words dancing around each other someday, smiling, hitting notes to make a beautiful orchestra. 36 more words


Of men and purpose

I struggle reading long posts.

You must be really good to make me stay till the end, like Zulu; or with content that rivets me so much that I’m nodding every few lines, like this man >  393 more words