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The dark side of the red light

It is called the world’s oldest profession and it can be found everywhere in the world.

It tends to be an industry of women serving male clients, but of course variations on this theme also exist – males servicing males, males servicing females, females catering to females. 1,877 more words


Rooster in the Henhouse

There are situations in life when you know you shouldn’t look, but you can’t help yourself.

Scenes of disaster, like a car crash or a fire, find people gawking and staring, knowing they should either help or stop staring but the impulse to simply look is irresistible. 1,154 more words



During those journeys, specifically mine; I’ve encountered a lot.  Sophisticated Hos, Academic Hos, Corporate Hos.  Regardless of their position in life every last one of ’em shared many more of the same characteristics few would admit to…  Street Hos, the despised ones, seem to be universally hated on but they shouldn’t concern themselves.  1,071 more words


Women are not from Venus

I feel strong and alone, and happy, and sad, and cheerful and ironic all in the same time….I am a woman. When you mix all the strong feelings you get a bomb that is ready to explode. 258 more words

"Player, Hater...Hatin'"

If y’all can’t stand us then why is there such a rush to capture our essence!

Player; One who is despised by Haters.

Hater; Anyone who functions from a position of dimensioned capacity.  2,060 more words


Is it supposed to be easy?


I just got off the phone with my wife.  I told her all about  a job interview I had just had with a guy on the phone.   632 more words