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"A Moment With The Rogue"


“Fo Sho”, and if you expect the dialogue to proceed down these lines maintaining the culturally colloquial speech patterns so it can be concluded, “Idiot on the rise” then… Let’s ride. 874 more words


Why Don't Men Do Housework?

Terri:   So I had a young lady, in her twenties, been married a couple of years, has some children, and she asked me, Why is it so hard for her to get her husband to clean up?  238 more words


Intuitive Narrative

Why do people cheat on each other?


Yes, because despite of all the polls with scientific support data saying it happens between the seventh and eighth year of a relationship. 844 more words


International Women's Day

If I had known that for “our” day, we were going to “screw” the men in the workplace then I wouldve acted accordingly. 😅😅😅😅😅

I didn’t find out until last night that this was the plan. 171 more words


Maybe it's a man thing...

Just a thought….

If women find it hard to talk about their mental health issues, how much more men??

How do men cope with their mental health? 450 more words

Mental Health



Each person knows when things are just not quite right. It’s an instinctive knowing…no need for words.

Feelings of walls closing in; heavy darkness; low self confidence; inexplicable tears; simultaneous isolation and desire for company all at the same time. 723 more words

Mental Health


In my language, marks a moment in time.  Tailored clothes, clean, fast to the extreme mobile transpo.  Wining/Dining with an inspiring other seated right across from you and yet, that was…  “When”. 425 more words