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Не за красивые глаза... или, что убивает в женщине любовь

На мой пост «Зачем вы девушки… или за что мы вас не любим» горячо любимая жена составила свой контр-список. Предлагаю вашему вниманию, дорогие читатели, мужские качества, из-за которых мужчины теряют любовь и уважение женщин…

Life Style


Why shouldn’t I be, upon introduction to life they were the source of my nourishment.  When I wanted to snuggle, feel the warmth the comfort had no compare.  1,391 more words


The Sporadic Cook Cooks. Finally

I have a cook who comes in 6 days a week. We aren’t rich or anything but this is how things kind of work out in India. 212 more words

What Women Want

How to get back your ex-girlfriend

Yes! The topic that seems to have many men weak to their knees, doesn’t have to be this way. She broke up with you, you broke up with her… does it even matter? 1,623 more words


There is something about her . . .

. . . she’s delicately seated a few tables away, sipping from divine awesomeness. My camera and I are mesmerized at her feline ways – the lenses zoomed to 1000%. 62 more words


"Who Dat; PT III"

‘Lil Kubla, microcosm of what’s really goin’ on in the minds of many.  Oh, U don’t think so?  “50 Shades Of Grey The Book” 2,240 more words