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Green Meows

My deepest apologies if you clicked on this expecting a post about green cats. Whilst I wish those existed, I think I’d be more comfortable sticking to green cat eyes. 881 more words

Beauty's Expert Amateur

Questions I ask my Kitten

I’ve got a four and a half-month-old kitten named Bramble that my partner and I are raising together, and he’s pretty fucking great.

We didn’t plan to get a cat together for another year or so, but we just kind of unexpectedly fell in love with him. 351 more words

Obligatory Cat Post

As I mentioned in my returning post, I have three cats and my roommate has two, so between the two of us, we now have a total of five cats in the house with us.   68 more words


The Cat's Meow

Now at The Pussycat Affair…Kitty Cat Bodysuits and Tights! Meow!


Do you feel like crying? Meet these cats!

I’m ill today and spending the day on my inflatable madrass (I just moved in, remember?) and couch, drinking lots of water and scrolling down my Facebook feed for the first time in ages. 241 more words


Ask the Chef: Can I Cook a Frozen Steak?

The following question came into The Food Channel:


I heard that you can cook a frozen steak without thawing it. True? And if so, how do you do it? 290 more words

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