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The Cat's Meow

People often talk to their animals like the would to a child and, even though our pets probably don’t understand the intricacies our language, we seem to be able to establish some sort of communication with them. 525 more words


A Sign From The Universe

I’ve never been a cat person. Don’t get me wrong, I’d never harm a living creature, let alone a kitten, but the universe always loves to throw me curve-balls. 503 more words


Are cats aloof?

Adorable. And cuddly.
They are cute as a button.
Fur balls with attitude.
Showing ultimate trust.

A cat’s body language.
Of kisses and grooming.
Tail fluff and mews. 71 more words


World, Meet Penelope!

I got a kitten!!! A Lynx/Siamese beautiful little girl kitten, and I named her Penelope. Penny for short :)

She is the sweetest, most playful, lovable kitten EVER. 379 more words


Cuteness overload

With the last few posts being too moany, I decided to have this post overloaded with cuteness. If you like animals, you will find it cute, if not, too bad. 82 more words