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Slow. Breathing heavy and slow, lips like koi fish I feel you gasping as I gasp. I breathe deep and pull my chest to the ceiling, ribs poking through one after the other. 299 more words

Third time's the charm?

I have called three colleges home since starting my post high school journey. In the beginning I was scared as hell at each, but after finding a groove I found that each school had something completely different to offer. 401 more words

If this is cabin fever, shouldn't we have a cabin?

Is this what it feels like to be a shut-in?

I haven’t been out of the house all that much since the dog bite. Apart from the reading last Wednesday (which was probably overdoing it, as my ankle swelled up after that), a doctor’s appointment last Friday, and brunch on Sunday, I’ve spent most of my time parked on the sofa or shuffling back and forth to the kitchen. 417 more words

July 12, 2001—Day 8, Route 66-Lincoln, Illinois to Sullivan, Missouri

The entire day was overcast and Kyle and I were in one of our hurries—a hurry to the west so we could feel some accomplishment. But in our haste we missed a lot on the Mother Road, forsaking the parts of the original byway and the access roads for the highway.   323 more words

Route 66

The Meramec Shooting

Well, the jury is in on the Meramec River shooting from last summer. It sounds like everyone got pretty hyperbolic and rhetorical during the trial. But the jury saw through the inflated claims and, I think, decided rightly. 108 more words



A literary postcard from Chicklets: A Lit Mag for Chicks. Kristina Dujmovic developed the journal concept in Literary Publishing at St. Louis Community College–Meramec.

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