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Ichabod....The glory will be departing from the markets of San Jose

When I was first blogging about Costa Rica and about its capital, San Jose, in particular, a blogging friend advised  me to make the most of that grubby, shambolic place while I could. 1,268 more words

Costa Rica

Valencia, the multi-faceted city

¡Hola amigos!

About two weeks ago, a friend and I went to Valencia, Spain, to practise our Spanish skills. We both study Spanish and what better way to get to know the language than fully immersing yourself in it, right?! 1,262 more words


Consider Tarragona

Do you know about Tarragona?  No, not the herb. (That’s tarragon!)  Tarragona is a city in Catalonia, on the Spanish Mediterranean, about 100 km west of Barcelona.   196 more words

Eating & Drinking

Belo Horizonte & Ouro Preto 6.15.17

French start-up BlaBlaCar is a web-based platform that facilitates carpooling. When I explained the concept to my mom she replied, “That sounds like the 21st century’s version of hitchhiking.” I think she is right. 1,018 more words


trying to be cool :)

I grew up as one of those geeky egg-head types who didn’t care if I was cool.  I absolutely was not!  Over the years, though, both the world and I changed significantly so I have had accidental moments of coolness and have a lot better instincts. 564 more words

Travel Stories

On the mercado side of Santiago

Everything went smoothly for the first flight. D dropped me off outside the terminal. I had checked in the day before while at work, so I headed directly for security even before checking for my gate. 1,267 more words