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Beautiful Belgii - pictured by Hondius

I have got excited about Mercator and his projection before!  This particular map, is a lovely edition of the 17 Provinces of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. 63 more words


The Earth Is Flat

Many years ago, everyone believed that the Earth was flat. if you sailed too far in a ship, you would fall off the edge. This was an accepted fact, and nobody disputed it. 352 more words

Projecting his methods on the world

You may have heard of Mercator’s projection.  This was a rather clever method of showing grid lines, known as “cylindrical projection” which gives the ability to portray a curved earth on a flat surface. 139 more words

Old & Rare

The Mediterranean Sea is really big | Why we are surprised

Wow.  This really caught us flat-footed.  The relative size of the Mediterranean Sea and Baltic Sea when superimposed over a map of North America, placing names over familiar locations, covers nearly the entire continent.  148 more words


Where the Atlas started.

 Abraham Ortelius was born in Antwerp in 1527, and is widely regarded as the creator of the first modern Atlas – called Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. He began his life as a map engraver, and supplemented his living by selling maps, books and prints. 130 more words


This hatred 😡of Mercator 🗺 is stupid. 😤

This hatred 😡of Mercator 🗺 is stupid. 😤 Y’all 🙌 are just being contrarian 🙅and difficult😠. Mercator 🗺preserves 👍 shape, 🔵 which in a map 🗺 is a lot ‼️more important ‼️than size 🍆 – you need to know 👨‍🏫 how to get 🚤somewhere, 🗺 not 🙅how long 🕖it’ll take to get somewhere. 112 more words