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No, no, not another geography lesson! I promise, it’s not intended to be. It’s just that I’ve spent the past week installing an upgrade for this website, including a little thumbnail map on the home page. 488 more words


Signs You're An Intellectual Property Geek

You know you need to get out more when:

You’re in an Italian Café and overhear the waitress confirm to the manager “Si, si, zero” and think they’re talking about Creative Commons; 99 more words

Project Updates

What would happen to Gerardus Mercator if he travelled today?

Happy birthday to Gerardus Mercator, he is todays Google Doodle celebrating what would be his 503rd birthday.

That is a lot of candles.

Mercator revolutionised map making with the help of mathematics and extended travel. 156 more words


Mercator's Birthday - Google Doodle

In case you missed it, the Google Doodle for today (at least at Google.ca) commemorates the birth of Gerardus Mercator on this day in 1512. Mercator is well known for his new and revolutionary 1569 map of the world. 124 more words


Mercator's doodle

Gerardus Mercator was born in Rupelmonde (Belgium) exactly 503 years ago (and died in Duisburg on 2 December 1594). He was mathematician and cartographer and he is known for his word map of 1569 based on the projections which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines:

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Handicapped Parking: A User’s Guide

Once you achieve a certain social status in Belgrade, you must view the parking reserved for the handicapped as metaphorical.

Despite what appears to be a space which is reserved for a person with some kind of physical disability, in reality it is merely a metaphor for the various societal woes which beset the citizenry and therefore is open to wide and (sometimes) poetic interpretation. 423 more words


Fall 2014 Cheer-Ups

Cheer-ups at Jacobs are everything you need during mid-term season and final season; a huge pick-me up during a true time of crisis and panic. Giving up is so easy during finals week: to lay on the floor and think about shorthair cats is so much more pleasing than stressing about the four finals in the coming week, but somehow, cheer-ups manage to keep us fed and sane enough to make it through all our examinations. 241 more words