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Milennials Moving Away from Debit Cards

While overall debit card usage in the United States is holding steady, young adults and high-income earners are shifting away from debit card use, a new report from Mercator Advisory Group finds. 320 more words

Week 2: Living with the enemy?

My aim for this week has been to transform my liability of a mercator projection map that dominates my classroom into a valuable learning resource. It was fast becoming like that embarrassing old friend from the past; I seem to spend my time apologising for it, and making excuses for its shockingly archaic thinking, but in fact I am becoming very fond of it! 181 more words


Destiny Rose

Well, well, well…. apparently our beloved Ken is part of another gay themed soap opera! Is his home network trying to tell us something? ahahaha. If you ask me, he’d be better off in the lead role, since he dresses up as a lady every now and then when no one is watching… he doesn’t even have to act at all! 7 more words

Ken Alfonso

Week 1: "It's the end of the world as we know it..." (REM 1997)

What better thing for a Geography teacher, or indeed any teacher, to have on their wall but a huge map of the world. In fact, I moved classroom this year specifically so I could have this one. 331 more words


What's Cooking?

Hola dear readers! This site’s traffic is booming, I guess our beloved Ken is really becoming famous huh?

I just heard he is starting a new business venture, a small catering company with his lesbian sister. 49 more words

Ken Alfonso

The true size of the World

This post with a YouTube video about the scale of our solar system reminded me of this website about the true size of the world. As you can see: Greenland is much smaller than Africa. 126 more words