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"Here too it’s masquerade, I find"*...

Is confusion a good way to encourage safer driving? That seems to be the idea behind a new traffic calming ploy in Cambridge, England. The city reopened a remodeled street last week featuring what appears, at first, to be a roundabout.

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Mercator vs Gall-Peters

Yesterday, I read an(other) article about how Mercator maps have been “lying” to us about the sizes of countries and continents. It’s one of many articles written on the topic–often accompanied with a clip from West Wing (you know which one) and a proposal to replace Mercator projection with Gall-Peters. 954 more words


Science and Magic

Over the last year, I’ve mentioned so many people who occupy a rather grey area between belief in magic and the beginnings of modern science, that I cannot let today go by without telling you that it is John Dee’s birthday. 1,226 more words

British And Brilliant

DT 27145 - DT 27149

DT 27145

In radiography, sickness is given a cure (6) = PHYSIC

Hidden word.

It’s on the cards it may precede crisis (8) = IDENTITY… 126 more words

DT Cryptic

"The map is not the territory"*...

Across the board, the Mercator projection of the Earth—which has been our baseline for world maps since the 16th century—skews the actual size of countries so they look bigger (and therefore, more important than they are) when they fall within the middle of the Northern Hemisphere.

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Finding North and time by stars in the tropics

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

This posting gives a method of using stars in the tropics under adverse effects of high skyline and bright sky. It is applicable whenever more than 30% of the night sky is seen. 1,398 more words