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Of Pirates, Dates And Mercenaries

Today, September 19, is a holiday. You won’t find it on your office calendar. Outlook isn’t going to pop up a reminder for you, but it’s been a holiday for the past 20 years. 684 more words

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The Black Army

Knight of the Black Army

Under King Matthias Corvinus of Hungary (r. 1458–1490), the Black Army was a highly skilled mercenary force but it became too expensive for the country to support. 977 more words


Ancient Literacy and Cypriot Mercenaries

Earlier this week, Natalia’s post on Cypriots and Iberians told us a little about the Cypriot Syllabic script, which up to now has not featured very much on the CREWS blog. 1,237 more words


H102: The Mercenaries -- Back to the Future?

The inability of the feudal system to provide reliable armies gave rise to cadres of mercenaries that at first supplemented the aristocratic warriors of the feudal army, and then replaced them. 163 more words


A Verry Perry army, update 1

Today (fathers’ day in Australia) I had the afternoon to myself. Having received paint brushes as a gift I was looking to make immediate use of them. 194 more words


After Trump speech, Blackwater founder still pushing Afghanistan mercenary plan

Last week, following U.S. President Donald Trump’s speech on Afghanistan, Erik Prince, founder of the controversial mercenary contractor firm Blackwater, said that Trump would soon… 765 more words

Nobody Wants Erik Prince's Contractors Running Afghanistan

After almost 16 years of continuous war, recent redoubling efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the overall expansion of the once-named “Global War on Terror”, sometimes it feels like Americans have learned nothing in the last decade and a half. 466 more words

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