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Tuesday 27 March 1917 - We Lost 634

At first light the Turks begin shelling the 54th divisional artillery on the Mansura Ridge, and they also re-occupy the eastern slopes of Sheikh Abbas.  Later in the morning heavy enemy fire and infantry attacks develop from Ali Muntar and in the east from an enemy force advancing from Beersheba.  736 more words

Canadian Army

Daughters of Dad's who sail. 

If you’re reading this then you or someone you know has their father away from home. Mine works in the merchant navy, he’s away half the time, most festivals, celebrations, and birthdays. 330 more words

Friday 23 March 1917 - We Lost 359

HMS Laforey and her sister ship the HMS Laertes escort several cargo ships to France, using the Folkstone to Boulogne route.  The ships are safely berthed in France and the destroyers have turned for home when at 16:30 a large explosion detonates on the Laforey amidships. 256 more words

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William George Carpenter Conibear 1894-1916 and Edgar Stanley John Conibear 1896-1916

This month we look at two brothers from Ilfracombe who were both lost, one in the Somme, the other at sea, within the month of August 1916. 876 more words

First World War

Let it ride, let it roll, let it go.

It’s been over six months since I last jotted some tripe down, and posted it on here. So, what’s been happening since I last projected my feelings onto the digital domain? 1,442 more words

Merchant Navy

Friday 16 March 1917 - We Lost 382

The German auxiliary cruiser Leopard is engaged and sunk by the boarding vessel S S Dundee and the cruiser HMS Achilles. After leaving port earlier in the month disguised as the Norwegian freighter Rena Norge the Leopard set sail on its mission to disrupt Allied commerce. 506 more words

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