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Photo Archive: Merchant Seafarer's War Memorial, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff, 20/08/14.

Lost at sea memorials.com┬áinforms me that this breathtaking sculpture is by Brian Fell and that it is dedicated to the “MEMORY OF THE MERCHANT SEAFARERS FROM THE PORTS OF BARRY PENARTH CARDIFF WHO DIED IN TIMES OF WAR… 99 more words

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Photo Archive: Photograph of Second Radio Officer Norman Eric Blyth, Tower Hill Memorial, London, 2014.

I always find it moving to see any sign that there is still a connection between the living and those who sacrificed their lives and are commemorated on memorials, like this memorial to merchant seaman at Tower Hill in London. 197 more words

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Friday 26 February 1915 - We Lost 128

Sixteen Squadron Royal Flying Corps makes its first reconnaissance flight. Third Squadron Royal Naval Air Service returns to England from Dunkirk.

The Dardanelles Straits are swept clear of mines for four miles. 320 more words

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Back to sea

Since my last post i’ve moved into my new cabin and we’ve been in and out of port.

We had a long port stay this time, almost 28 hours which is almost unheard of. 160 more words

Deck Officer

Finally on board!

I have made it on board the vessel safely. It is very hot outside and I had to pass through a few military checkpoints and customs offices on the way here….. 315 more words

Deck Officer

The bags have been found

I received an e-mail from our shipping agent this morning to say my bags would be arriving and delivered to the hotel and I should seek out a Mr Ahmed to get them back…… However at the moment I am trying to add every song I could possibly think of to my spotify account and sync it for offline so I have a decent amount of music on the ship. 108 more words

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Citizen Sailors

The book I read to research this post was Citizen Sailors by Glyn Prysor which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. 300 more words