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The Claddagh - A Brief History

In 927, the Vikings burned a small fishing village at the mouth of the river Corrib in Galway. It is likely that this village was in the area which became known as the Claddagh. 2,072 more words


Living in Trinidad Part One

I was born in Southport, Lancashire, in Northern England and moved south with mum and dad.  When I was 5 mum fell out of love with my dad, a Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy. 285 more words


TMC SHIPPING-Success Always Comes When Preparation Meets Opportunity(IMU CET Coaching)

Knowledge is power and everyone on this world agrees with the fact that seeking knowledge is bliss. Acquiring knowledge from being a toddler to an old aged is not limited and that is often termed as “Learning”. 329 more words

Where to get information on ship certification

Here starts a series of posts exploring ship certification; an important topic for anyone studying for certificates of competency,  especially at Mates, Masters, seconds or chiefs levels. 254 more words


View over the top of my book #18

As an officer cadet in the Merchant Navy, my son is currently on his first sea voyage. After a couple of terms at Nautical College, he set sail for four months on a course around Europe and down along the coast of South America twice. 168 more words


Merchant Navy-Education Is Not The Learning Of Fact, But The Training Of The Mind, Career, Success….

Accessing into a specific course is a confronting task which requires a lot of research and precise counseling. In the past few years, number of courses has been introduced to the people on this planet like Engineering, Medicine, Law, Management, Economics, Defense, Transportation, Communication etc. 241 more words

Great Career With B.Sc Nautical Science in Merchant Navy-TMCSHIPPING

Science is all about the upcoming wonders and advancements which are and which will be influencing everyone’s life on his planet. Large numbers of tasks are executed in this revolutionary world among numerous zones like health, transportation, entertainment, education and Communication. 293 more words