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Colreg: Evsaatmaplbsahawabaamaitpcacsatmafaothsaroc?

Here we go, linked in with the delights of twitter, I will be pushing out COLREG revision snap questions. So for you that have used my books, and would like a bit more to work the memory follow along. 45 more words


Heroism and Heartbreak

I’m very, very pleased to say that I am officially poet-in-residence (NAY! for I shall capitalise it in my joy! Poet-In-Residence!) at the wonderful online community archive for Hartlepool… 123 more words

New Poetry

Work stories - 4 

I came back from my usual daily checks to the engine control room to find the second engineer busy with something unusual. “I want you to be here in the control room at 10, third.” He said with a straight face. 307 more words

Work Stories - 3 

Certain situations tend to leave a lasting impression. They make you change the way you see things. They change your perspective and often drive a sense of paranoia. 653 more words

Work stories - 1

I want to talk about the day I had. This place is as good as any to talk about it. It’s not like anyone cares or wants to hear about my day and even if they do its not like anyone would respond or register. 620 more words

The Orals

I felt the weeks leading up to the orals were like a grieving process in that I went through a ridiculous amount of emotions.  Sometimes I was just nervous, others quietly confident; “I got this” and other times there was just full blown panic.   1,878 more words

Merchant Navy

Phase 5

Phase 5 is the shortest and the longest phase all in one, it’s the longest six weeks imaginable.  Not a moment goes by when you’re not doing something related to the orals and if for some reason you find you aren’t (rare) then you’re worrying about this.   1,828 more words

Merchant Navy