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1 February 1916 - We Lost 197

The Zeppelin L19 on its return flight from the bombing mission over England last evening suffers engine difficulties.  She does not clear the English coast until 05:25 and is further delayed over the North Sea before being holed by Dutch rifle fire from the Friesian Islands.  127 more words

Indian Army

"That Man is a Tramp" - Budget Travel: the Waddington Way

I’ve been spending much of the summer re-reading old W. Somerset-Maugham (my all time favourite travel chronicler) classics and came across a book I thought lost but recalled never turfing out, as I so often do. 1,031 more words

Post WWII Tramp Steamers

Scribbling Stories On Ships

Stories. Scribbles. Ships. I have been writing for as long as I can remember really. Even as a child whenever an aunt or uncle asked what I would like as a gift the answer had to be a pen or pencil or stationery and everyone wondered as it wasn’t a commonly demanded think. 106 more words

Rat-a-tat Poems

Chronicles of Pirate attack survivor…………………

Today as I was watching this movie”Captain Phillips”, it took me to the similar unfortunate incident happened with us in 2009. I have written this post on my other blog last year and it was chosen as “spicy saturday” by blogadda. 741 more words

Beauty Blogger

Phase 1 Training

Typical Merchant Navy Officer Cadet training in the UK consists of 5 distinct phases of training, inventively called Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3, Phase 4 and Phase 5. 515 more words


The Scouse Deckie

A good as place as any to start, what on earth is a Scouse Deckie? Or a Scouse? Or a Deckie for that matter?!

Firstly, who, what, when or where is a Scouse? 474 more words