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Sherwood Shield Results - Round 3

The results for July’s Sherwood Shield matches are shown below.

Congratulations to July’s winners.

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560-624: The Kingdoms Establish Themselves

A king’s leadership is not, however, always uncontested. Ceawlin himself seems to have been ousted, probably by Ceol, but he may just as likely have been killed at another significant battle, also obscure, with Aethelbert of Kent reversing the position of 568 in 591and replacing Ceawlin as capo di tutti capi or rather ‘bretwalda’ or overlord of the Anglo-Saxons, at least in Southern England. 457 more words


An Audience with His Lordship Richard I: Lúnastal 2015 Speech

Greetings to Mercian citizens and foreign readers both, today we celebrate the biggest holiday of the Mercian calendar, that of Lúnastal, a festival of good harvest.

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UKVA - English and Welsh Wine of The Year

More excellent news for our wines! The United Kingdom Vineyard Association Wine of the Year awards were released last week, and six of our wines were named winners. 136 more words

Mercia: Christian Referendum Bill fails as Agricultural Gorsedh & Copyright vote in progress

The most recent Meeting of the Mercian Parliament House, held on the 5th July, saw Baron Cahill’s National Liberal government decisively topple the first major piece of legislation tabled by the Loyal Opposition. 686 more words


"America, you're free to think as long as you think like us" or "Are people really taking a guy named Cooter seriously?"

Man do people ever get in an uproar over a piece of decorative cloth, yes folks I’m talking about flags here. Over the past few weeks you may have noticed it’s been all the rage in the news about the Confederate Flag and if it should or should not be flown. 1,467 more words


King Edward is dead.  He has died in battle.  All hell broke lose.  Or is it loose – I can never remember!

But let’s rewind a bit.  1,119 more words