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Who were the Vikings anyway and what's with all the boots? A little bit of history.

Apart from conjuring up, frankly false, images of horned, red-bearded chiefs barking commands to legions of brazen, gilded dragons, there is a very real and very impacting history of the Vikings on English territory and not least fascinating amongst this tale is that of life within the Dane Law. 456 more words

Medieval England

Mercia: Mercian Election Surveys Shock Nation

In the wake of the Mercian Leaders’ Debate between the Political Party Leaders of the National Liberal Party and the Humanist People’s Alliance, two surveys were sent out to the populace of Mercia, asking them their opinions of the two key issues raised in the debate – those being the position of the Mercian Christian Church and the position of the Mercian Nobility – in the run up to the May General Election. 389 more words


Devolution, Federalism and ... Oh Grow Up!

Scotland, Wales and, in my alternate universe, the country of Midland want “independence”; like a 14-year old asking for more pocket-money. UKIP wants to leave Europe because, “Sir, they keep picking on me and making me eat straight bananas and human rights!” But UKIP also think Scotland needs to know its place in ‘the union’ because they don’t feel the need to have logically consistent opinions. 407 more words


Mercia Winter League 2014-15

Following the final match of the winter league, the results have been verified and the final positions decided. Congratulations to Bluebell PC who narrowly beat both Nottingham City PC and Mansfield PC to lift the trophy. 63 more words


Early Political History of England: The Roman Occupation

The Romans brought Christianity and other Oriental religions to the England. They also insisted upon the building of roads and the establishment of city sites, which was the first glimmers of “civilization.” 947 more words

British History

History of Chippenham

Discoveries have shown signs of communes before Roman times in the Chippenham area. It is deemed that the town has been founded by Anglo Saxons around 600. 328 more words


Thank You, Mercia Tourist Board

Thank you, Mercia Tourist Board for showing me that an ancient english kingdom can have such a kick ass website.

Do you have about have 3 hours off free time on your hands?   31 more words