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Mercia: First Minister Cahill's Election Victory Speech

Gentlemen, good afternoon. It is an honour to be re-elected as First Minister with another majority NLP government. However, this renewal of our mandate leaves us with much responsibility to carry out what we were elected to do.

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God-Man, Hero, Saint...

…“But the Angles were a British tribe, right? And the Saxons were German?”

We are back in Wen’s study after the half triumph of the first of our Glastonbury talks, which aside from a few timing problems, went as well as could have been expected in view of the weather and the somewhat intricate complications of the run up. 386 more words

Stuart France And Sue Vincent

Mercia Update

Mercia Petanque Association has received notification from the EPA Management Committee that formal approval has been given to the formation of the new East Midlands and Mercia regions. 55 more words


Devil's Drop...

‘The concept of ‘darkness’ was revealing.
It is where light ends. But I also realised that darkness is not the absence of light but the antithesis of light. 487 more words

Stuart France And Sue Vincent

Message of Thanks

June and Mike Ricketts send their heartfelt thanks to all the helpers who joined them last Friday at the Arena and helped to build the pistes at Bluebell PC’s new home. 42 more words

Club News

Sherwood Shield Results - Round 3

The results for July’s Sherwood Shield matches are shown below.

Congratulations to July’s winners.

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Mercia Petanque Association

560-624: The Kingdoms Establish Themselves

A king’s leadership is not, however, always uncontested. Ceawlin himself seems to have been ousted, probably by Ceol, but he may just as likely have been killed at another significant battle, also obscure, with Aethelbert of Kent reversing the position of 568 in 591and replacing Ceawlin as capo di tutti capi or rather ‘bretwalda’ or overlord of the Anglo-Saxons, at least in Southern England. 457 more words