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Mercia: National Liberal Party Congress August 2016 Ecclesiastic Speeches

With the National Liberal Party standing in full support of protecting the Mercian Christian Church’s place within Mercian society, it is unsurprising that the vast majority of Mercia’s Christian population, itself 50% of the entire Mercian populace, tend to vote National Liberal or hold Party membership. 1,906 more words


Mercia: National Liberal Party Congress August 2016 Leaders' Speeches

The National Liberal Party Congress, which began on Monday 15th August and will continue until Sunday 21st, has made great strides in establishing a new, active and rational political class in the party that lost the May 2016 General Election by a hair to the unified Coalition of People’s Democrats, Social Democrats and Green Socialists, and again only kept one seat out of the two lost and three contested in the August 9th-11th by-elections. 2,318 more words


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Did Turpin’s Troupe

Drop him

Deep in the Soup?


That Devil’s cast of scallywags

and wild haired, grinning hags…

who still adorn the plastered walls… 81 more words

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Two Scandalous Bishops at Lichfield Cathedral - Leofwin and Walter Langton

Lichfield, in pre-Conquest times was a great see covering most of Mercia, these days its very much smaller and well worth a visit with its beautiful gospels and carved angel. 499 more words

Fourteenth Century

The Legend of Saint Kenelm

The earliest known account of the legend of Saint Kenelm was given by a monk from Worcester named Wilfin a derivative of which was found in a manuscript from the 12th century at Winchcombe Abbey.  1,351 more words


The Slow Death of Heritage

Heritage often focuses on ruins, conserved and interpreted for visitors. Heritage signs themselves often become historical components of these ruins themselves, as previously discussed, for example, for… 325 more words

Early Medieval Archaeology

Philology by Stuart France

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The Camel Mind



bound, it wanders…

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The Silent Eye