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Dear Don XVIII

Morning Don,

Well, as you know The Legend came to birth and is taking its first foray into the world. I am so pleased with the way it has turned out! 348 more words



I parked by the Market Cross, the centre of medieval Repton with the old Mitre Inn behind it where, in 1848 the local history says that a man sold his wife for a shilling after bringing her with a halter around her waist from Burton on Trent. 789 more words


The Saxon Times

Battle Extra

22nd September 1066

Catastrophic Battle

Word is just filtering through of the catastrophic battle that was fought at Fulford Gate on 20th September 1066. 651 more words

The Saxon Times

Brunanburh and the Mercian borderlands

The battle of Brunanburh in 937 was a victory for the English king Athelstan over an alliance of Vikings, Scots and Strathclyde Britons. Despite being one of the most important battles of the Dark Ages, its location is unknown. 951 more words


Discovering Albion – day 4: Saxon crosses

There is a saying that ‘mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun’. It was barely daylight, there was no sun, only a thin, white blanket over the world. 731 more words


Discovering Albion- Day 3: Chester Cathedral

We should have known, of course, right from the first. It was there, written in flowers and earth… but although we saw, we didn’t see. How could we? 591 more words


Dear Wen XI

Dear Wen,

Weather no better here… but an improvement is forecast… hope so or it will be wellies and waterproofs for our Fin Cop trip… 237 more words