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Starcodes     May 22, 2015  Heather Roan Robbins

We may all have our own personal version of Memorial Day this weekend as tender Venus in emotional Cancer opposed Pluto last night to stir our heart and retrograde Mercury brings our minds back to stories from the past. 1,367 more words

Mercury is in Retrograde (and other thoughts on healing, progress, and change)

Mercury is in retrograde, or so I’ve heard. I know nothing of astrology; it was only recently that I attempted to learn what friends mean when they declare this cosmic reality with trepidation in their tone. 550 more words


Mercury is Really Harshing My Vibe!

I have not always been in tune with the planets or known of the ways people believe the workings of our solar system has much grander affects on us than solely rotation and light. 685 more words

Planetary Shaming: Mercury is the One to Blame

Mercury is in retrograde! Hallelujah! Finally, a cosmic scapegoat for all the things that go wrong in our lives!

If you don’t know astrology well, you may wonder, “what does this mean exactly?”. 355 more words


Fleeting Friendships

Long and dormant friendships keep bubbling up to the surface lately.  In some instances I’ve heard from them directly while others have been indirect.  Still more appear in the manner in which my wife specializes — arriving from a kind of energy within a dream or a mental image in front of my eyes when I stop for a red-light.   1,140 more words


How to: Tolerate Mercury in Retrograde

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“Don’t travel, don’t sign anything, don’t marry, and don’t touch electronics!!”

Damn. Is this true? This must mean I should just stay in my room & not do anything for the next three weeks..Hm, I’m going to say: … 289 more words


To Understand

I didn’t know what to call this post. Simply didn’t know. And in fact, I thought I had a draft somewhere–a post I had started on Friday the 13th, a day after Mercury stopped being in retrograde, or however that is expressed. 551 more words