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A Shitload of Trouble in Uranus

Well, this week has officially be a Shitfest of Shitstorms. I’ve been yelled at, hung up on, and walked out on by customers for the absolutely most unreasonable of things. 80 more words


Today, I will listen to the stars

So, yesterday, I open up my daily horoscope from Astrologyzone and find this on my daily horoscope.

Now, yes I know I come off as this big Astrology nut — and I am! 497 more words


Things I'm Grapling With 

1. The misadventures of mercury in retrograde.

2. The fact that we are all so different. We have different goals, morals, motivations, per peeves.

3. That some people change and some never do. 61 more words

Musings & Epiphanies

Some Truth, Many Consequences

 This week, the blog began to have consequences, as I hurt and offended a friend with one of my posts. Although she didn’t say anything, my codependent tentacles are so long and so hypersensitive I caught the vibe of disapproval immediately. 1,061 more words


My apologies, and thank you!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been experiencing a major slowdown of the blog. Not my intentions at all. There were days and weeks where I was uninspired, having writers block, or just a sheer meltdown of technology on my end. 350 more words


"I See The Moon And The Moon Sees Me - God Made The Moon And God Made Me

Have you ever had a day when things didn’t quite measure up? I’m not a stargazer and I have no active interest in astrology. When we lived in West Texas, I loved looking at the stars at night. 999 more words

Catch A Falling Star

Thoughts about Mercury in Retrograde

Ok, so some seem to agree it causes issues and thankfully it’s out on June 11. Other naysayers roll their eyes that it’s so far away and a planet can’t possibly affect us. 431 more words

Mercury In Retrograde