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Mercury In Retrograde is a Real Thing

A pile of gravel in the street,
Remnants of a Labor Day delivery
Three weeks before.

An experienced Cyclist
Traveling too fast for conditions,
His inattention causes him to hit the pile… 141 more words

Social Media

Mercury In Retrograde Haiku #2

Crooked lines of
communication straighten out
as Mercury drifts.


Transits: Why Tomorrow May not Be a Good Day

Tomorrow and stretching through the course of the entire day is the potential for emotional and spiritual disgruntlement. The transits could be a recipe for disaster for someone who isn’t careful of their actions. 179 more words


If Mercury's Retrograde Has You Down, Hold On...

Two women I know who don’t go for hocus-pocus told me recently, “Mercury is in retrograde” to explain a current period of crap-ola in the lives of everyone they know. 318 more words

Cheating & Stitches; My Personal Dating Tropes

I’m depressed and mercury is in retrograde so I decided to make a list of my top 10 worst breakups.

10. After not getting a response for a few days I had to text his friend and ask if he was ghosting on me and she apologized for his behavior. 1,344 more words

Broken Heart

Mercury in Retrograde: a timeless explanation to, seemingly uncalled for, utter misery

  • A deep cough that won’t subdue
  • A groggy voice that won’t awaken
  • Untimely bloating and facial breakouts
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes
  • Weakened ability to communicate efficiently…
  • 1,605 more words