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I was going to try to write something funny; I mean, I’m always funny, but I was going to try to be purposefully funny. This post will be funny because I can’t not be funny/handsome, but that’s not the attempt. 692 more words


Mercury in Retrograde

A planet slowing down

and wrecking amused havoc

on my senses

must be the reason

for this temporary lapse in judgment.

As I woke up alone, 67 more words

Love Poems

Mercury was in retrograde, I paid the consequences

When I started this blog it was for the intent of mostly daily postings, but as we all know, life happens and sometimes we just don’t always get what we think we need. 450 more words


Happy Autumnal Equinox! (We survived Mercury in Retrograde!)

We did it! We survived Mercury in Retrograde! Time to create new energies and new intentions. Out with the bad air, in with the good air. 432 more words

Fish or Cut Bait

Mercury is in retrograde, but only until tomorrow, the 22nd. And while I am only dabbling with all things planetary, I know enough about mercury in retrograde to know that people crawl out of the woodwork during this time period and generally they are people you would prefer stayed there. 737 more words


Take Two...Twice...And Some Fall Pics

Or, same song, second verse, on a loop.

Another filing in the same court today.  Who are we kidding?  Tonight.  We were here until 9 last night. 152 more words



I absolutely love the picture below. I feel like in embodies what it means to love someone. Loving someone is about accepting them for who they are and wishing for their well being. 235 more words