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Mercury Goes Direct Day!

Happy Mercury goes direct day!
by ~Ruby

Mercury in Retrograde is officially “Over” and is finally turned direct and is at a complete stop or halt, but… I know…don’t jump and start anything brand-new just yet! 417 more words

Every now and then the stars align!

But then Mercury is in retrograde and fucks my zen away!

And please, don’t hold me in your soul like a heavy stone

Facts Of Life

are you seeing the whole picture?

Mercury in retrograde has many lessons to teach us. To start, there is the lesson in astrological awareness around shaken communication, technological malfunctioning, and traveling snafus; but also then, the movement of the planet and our change in perspective. 258 more words

Mercury, Full Moons and Coffee

Good morning beautiful people! Mercury in retrograde continues and it’s making communication difficult. It’s hard. It really is. There’s a full moon this week too. The 25th I think. 237 more words

My Bohemian Life

i know that i am...

I tried writing a blog post yesterday but I couldn’t gather my thoughts like I wanted to. Today isn’t proving any easier. I’m not sure why, but all of my thoughts are jumbling together and making it hard to focus on just one thing. 1,093 more words

A Time of Retrogrades

“A time of Retrogrades”
by Ruby

January is a time for reflection and review as so many planets are either already in Retrograde or about to be, this is when a plant appears to be moving backwards in the sky, but it’s influence on us also changes a bit as we feel it more internally. 724 more words

Mercury in Retrograde...stay positive!

The power of positive thinking. Sounds like a bunch of new age, mystical nonsense? I beg to differ. I think and have found from experience  602 more words

My Bohemian Life