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Sad Stories of the Death of Kings (Part II)

…let us sit upon the ground
And tell sad stories of the death of kings

Richard II  William Shakespeare

It’s time for Richard II now. He was the son of the Black Prince, who didn’t live long enough to be King, though he was quite kingly and was the victor of Crecy and Poitiers, the battles that, with Agincourt, make up the only three battles of the Hundred Years War most of us have ever heard of. 770 more words


Fashion Victims

Arsenic dyed gowns, mercury hats, and highly flammable clothing were in large supply during the Victorian era in Europe. I suppose this one fits into the “weird and wonderful” category. 874 more words


Treatment and prevention of mercury poisoning

Treatment of mercury poisoning

It is aimed at neutralizing mercury and accelerating its removal from the body.

Rinse the stomach through the probe with the introduction of a 5% solution of unnthiol before and after washing the stomach (50 and 100 ml). 367 more words

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Acute and chronic mercury poisoning


By inhalation of air containing mercury vapor at a concentration of no more than 0.25 mg / m3, the latter is delayed and accumulates in the lungs. 408 more words

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Help with mercury poisoning

Methylated mercury is very slowly excreted from the body: months in humans and years in fish. Therefore, the concentration of mercury along the biological chain continuously increases and in predator fish that feed on other fish, mercury can be thousands of times larger than in the water from which it is caught. 518 more words

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Getting the Mercury Out

Author: Aine Ne Cheallaigh


This is complete bullshit. A woman has mercury amalgam fillings and some minor health problems and becomes obsessed with mercury poisoning. 149 more words

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