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This is what big pharma is hiding from you


The world has finally started to question Big Pharma’s agenda and is demanding transparency, but there are still some things that we don’t know which may influence our willingness to vaccinate our children. 658 more words


Jan's Story

My first symptoms were fatigue and poor neurological clarity in the late 1980’s, living in Massachusetts in a lovely colonial near the center of town. I had 4 children and worked part-time as a teacher of blind and visually impaired children.  215 more words

Is Autism Modern Day Pink Disease aka Mercury Poisoning?

Before Autism

By: Nichole Sanders

An epidemic has been plaguing our society and reaching closer to home for Americans every year. This developmental disorder of epidemic proportions is known more commonly as Autism spectrum disorders or… 2,224 more words


USA.gov ... Beware of Skin Lotions Tainted with Mercury

a repost for those buying  gifts …

Beware of Skin Lotions Tainted With Mercury

Some skin lotions and antiseptic soaps claim to clean and lighten skin while removing freckles and wrinkles. 512 more words

United States

Supplement Puzzle - Dizzy

I’m trying to get to the problem of my latest symptoms, being dizzy and lightheaded.

There were two new variables to my regimen, taurine and a… 259 more words

Meowy Monday: No Sushi For Kitty

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you are all having a great day so far!

Cat’s love fish, but they shouldn’t eat it raw. Some tuna for cats is probably not harmful (whether packed for cats or humans). 88 more words

Mercury Mystery

Scientists have long known and taught that mercury, or specifically, its methylated form, is a neuro toxin in humans and animals. But where does it come from? 21 more words