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How Mercury is Able to Affect the Body

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been writing about the mercury in amalgam fillings for a few posts now, and how that mercury is released into your body. 295 more words

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How Mercury is Released From Your Fillings

In the previous post I talked in general about what Mercury is, and now I want to address how Mercury is released from your amalgam/silver fillings and into your body.  255 more words

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Some General Information on Mercury Fillings

There have already been a few articles written on this blog about mercury in fillings, which you can read here, but I wanted to go over it again in case you haven’t had a chance to read those. 176 more words

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Fish Safety Concerns: Navigating the Waters

Considering the conflicting advice on eating fish that has appeared in the media over the past few years, the public is undoubtedly confused. Nurses and other health care professionals will likely find themselves having to address this issue, especially with pregnant and nursing patients and parents of young children, all of whom are likely to be concerned.

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Cilantro-Did You Know?

Did you know Cilantro essential oil is the oil of releasing control? Cilantro makes the detoxification of emotions and debris. It is helpful in lightening your load through the release of issues buried in the body, heart and soul. 306 more words

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Rising Levels of Mercury in Yellowfin Tuna

New research from the University of Michigan finds mercury levels in Yellowfin tuna has been increasing nearly four percent every year since 1998.

In a study published in the… 367 more words


Documentary Targeting Preservative In Some Vaccines Premieres In Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — A documentary aimed at removing a preservative compound used in some vaccines administered in the United States premiered Wednesday in Hollywood before it goes on a nationwide tour. 323 more words