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mercurial swag

I have been gifted, or cursed, with the gift of gab.

But I don’t automatically start talking someone’s head off. That comes with a little more intimacy. 3,295 more words


I'm sorry for the things I said when Mercury was in Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde: Here’s Your Survival Guide For This Time of Galactic Turbulence

Everyone is talking about “Mercury retrograde” but it seems like nobody can explain what exactly it is and how it rules our lives. 1,156 more words


Mercury Enters New Territory: An Illustration on Mercury's Shadow Periods

Completion of the December 2017 Mercury Retrograde Cycle

This week, #Mercury has entered new territory for the first time since November 16, 2017. While still within the shadow period, the planet of communication and routines had been tying up the loose ends and changes that were put in place during the retrograde that occurred throughout December 2017. 256 more words


Do Stuff Now

We have between now and March 8 2018 to be active without restrictions, delays, snafus, etc. When Uranus stationed direct on Tuesday 1-2-18 , we entered a rare planetary occurrence. 241 more words


Mercury's Back and Moving Forward

During this month’s retrograde period, Mercury called me to reestablish his altar in my home. I had been acknowledging his presence in my life as usual, but without the benefit of his altar. 348 more words

Divine Encounters

First Foray into Consultation Charts

This is my first foray into a consultation chart based on Wanda Sellar’s The Consultation Chart. I looked at the chart below. Noted the Gemini Ascendant and the chart ruler is smacked on the 7th. 427 more words


Mercury Retrograde Reflections on Boundaries, Loneliness, and Relationship to Mother

Mercury retrograde ended this time on December 22. I immediately felt the shift in the energy around me. It felt as if clouds had dissipated and the sun had came out. 289 more words