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Mercury Slow Down

In my July Monthly Planet Blast newsletter I included a date for when Mercury starts to slow down. Mercury is starting its slow ellipse part of its orbit around the Sun. 188 more words


Interview on Mercury & Gemini

I am excited to share an interview I did with astrologer Mary Jo Wevers about the sign of Gemini and its ruler Mercury on her radio show “Astrology: The Theory of Everything.”  We spend a lot of time speaking about Mercury retrograde, and this show was in fact recorded right before Mercury stationed retrograde in Taurus this past April. 132 more words


Quickie Observations on the 2016 Summer Olympics In Rio & The Zika Virus Threat

The 2016 Summer Olympics games begin August 5th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and already the games are known for being a “first” in a lot of ways. 1,485 more words


New Moon in Gemini

Hi there,

The new moon in Gemini happens this Saturday the 4th at 8:59 pm Mountain Standard Time. I may or may not have said Sunday in the video, so…my bad. 240 more words


Retrograde Planets- Then and Now (part 1)

The retrograde motion of any planet represents a pause in the apparent linear motion of that planet’s energy in our lives on earth, affording us time and space to examine and re-work energeticbacklogs associated with that particular planet’s symbolism and meaning, as it corresponds to the current sky’s configuration and that of our own birth chart. 884 more words

The Struggle: Being Empowered Versus Being In Control

May has been an interesting month. The destabilizing energy of Mercury retrograde combined with the new moon in Taurus, with its emphasis on grounding and connecting with resources, was a bit of a doozy. 471 more words

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