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Thoughts on Mercury Retrograde 8/30/16 - 9/22/16

Another Mercury Retrograde season has come and gone, this one spanning (more or less) the first three weeks of September. With Mercury going retrograde in Virgo, I expected things to be a real mess, since the sign rules over organization. 262 more words


Lucid Dreaming on Mercury Station direct, Equinox Sept 2016

Mercury the winged Messenger, and symbolic link between the conscious and  unconscious mind, can bring psychological breakthroughs on the Stationary days at the start and especially end of his retrograde cycle. 19 more words


Reconciliation of the Macro & Micro by Hillary Raimo

When you consider Betsy’s astrological forecast, which you can revisit for the month here, and look around September and what has transpired on the world stage there are a few special ones that stand out. 1,217 more words

HIllary Raimo


As fall begins with the autumn equinox and Mercury direct, do you feel a new cycle beginning both globally and personally? Hard-earned joy and blissful effort brought you to a point of great happiness and relaxation in summer and now those realizations are beginning to slowly, but uncertainly, change into a bountiful harvest meant to provoke personal growth and spiritual transformation amid global change. 586 more words


No Computer for a Week!


What’s the world coming to?

source: Eddie’s Journal, September 24, 2016
editor’s note: hard drive failed, no computer September 16 (Full Moon) to September 23


Renewed Clarity Moving Forward and Astrology Forecast September 25- October 7

By Leo Knighton Tallarico

Mercury is Direct again as we settle down into the beginning of Autumn 2016.   Be present now for how your thinking and feelings have been shifting. 1,075 more words

Weekly WorldView And Astrology Forecast

5 Astro Reasons to Plan for the Holidays Now

We are entering the holiday season very soon. Halloween activities and parties are coming, Thanksgiving with the usual family drama, Christmas/Hanukah parties and shopping galore. Followed up by the pressure of New Year’s Eve. 558 more words