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In Case You Wondered ... Yes, the Energies Have Been Intense!

I keep getting emails, questions in sessions, and private texts from clients, friends and family asking me what the heck is up with the recent energies. 481 more words


Don't Worry, Be Happy

It is a Monday, and my mind is flying off in many different directions for many different reasons.  It is up to me to slow the mind down.   87 more words

Why is Mercury Always Retrograde?!

Wait, again? Didn’t we just have a Mercury retrograde? You remember, that week when your trackpad shorted out in the middle of a project and you couldn’t send that email in time and the whole thing fell through? 750 more words


Today's Astro-Insights - Mon 24 Apr 2017

Today a retrograde Mercury trines Saturn for the second time since the end of March. See this as an opportunity to review situations and how they’ve developed since the Equinox and then decide what aspects of them you’d like to revisit, remedy or bin. 110 more words

Daily Astro-Insights

The Waiting Game...

A lot has changed in a short time. I last wrote about my beautiful transiting kite, lasting most of the rest of the year. It was almost like an affirmation; an intention. 216 more words


Mercury Retrograde is upon us Earthlings now; or should I say, we’re now in Mercury Retrograde. Ok…. but what the hell does that even mean you might ask? 173 more words


(Retrograde) Mercury In Aries, Mars In Gemini: Backdraft

No, you’re not seeing double – a retrograde Mercury just retread its tracks for a second passage back through fiery Aries while Mars entered dualistic Gemini less than 24 hours later. 772 more words

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