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Busy few days with contacts between planets

With these contacts between planets during these days, the people who have planets in the signs which are ruled by them may find the days to be more intense than usual. 14 more words


Evening Gathering April 21, 2015

There’s a gathering of goodies for urban observers this week in the west.

The best night is April 21, about half an hour after sunset. Venus, the Moon and Aldebaran gather about 30º above the west horizon that night. 93 more words


What about Mercury?

The Messenger Spacecraft has spent four years orbiting the closest planet to our sun, but despite desperate attempts to extend the life of Messenger spacecraft, it is slowly spiraling towards Mercury’s scorched surface. 317 more words


Mercury falling

Aloha – Of late, I’ve been especially interested in the two NASA probes approaching the dwarf planets, Ceres and Pluto.  But I did not want to forget a 10 and a half year old probe that is about to end its journey. 201 more words

Science Fiction

As Mad as a Hatter

(Trigger warning, this poem is pretty brutal. Please know that I am ok, and I’m making it through one day at a time.)

What does it say about me, 262 more words


The Crescent Moon, Mars and Mercury

Mercury is starting to climb up in the western sky for a pretty good appearance and tonight the crescent Moon joined Mars in the vicinity. I managed to get a few shots. 100 more words


Mercury Minus Ten, Pluto Minus Eighty-five

As of 2015/04/20 there are 10 days until the MESSENGER spacecraft goes splat somewhere in Mercury’s northern regions, and just under three months until the-little-spacecraft-that-could, … 506 more words