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Gods of the city

Jove seems to have forgotten this neighborhood where I now work. Or have its residents forgotten him? Two condemned houses stood side by side, their weathered signs testifying they had been condemned years ago. 461 more words

In Practice

A Starry Night Sky

Beautiful black Stars fall from the night sky…


Mercury Direct: Messenger of Light

Feeling the love as Mercury crosses the rainbow bridge between here & there? He has turned direct and races out of the depths of retrograde carrying the first understanding of our inner transformation to our conscious awareness. 223 more words


The Finish Line is in Sight

I’ve been so absorbed with work lately that the Hibiscus Half Marathon, my last big race (so far) before I attempt the marathon again in December, really snuck up on me. 468 more words


B012.9 Born At Sleep

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Crocell’s eye swiveled around, passing over the approaching capes and cowl – to focus, apparently, on Tyche again.

“The fu-” she started to say before Basil tackled her out of the way of the beam of whatever-it-was that Crocell sent her way. 3,091 more words

Brennus Chapters

C'mon Mercury, time to redeem yourself!

There’s been a few burgers and shakes in the last 11 months that just didn’t perform as well as we thought they would.  Well here’s their chance to totally redeem themselves! 249 more words


Mercury Retrograde is Over..well mostly

Mercury retro is over and lost mail returns ! Could anything be more Mercury retro than getting a Christmas card (sent Dec22) on May 24? And with that Mercury is stationary direct. 235 more words