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My Aromatic Medicine Chest

At home I have over 100 bottles of essential oils. I like to collect them just like how I collect my tarot decks. They can last for very long time if they are stored properly. 391 more words


Mercury was in retrograde, I paid the consequences

When I started this blog it was for the intent of mostly daily postings, but as we all know, life happens and sometimes we just don’t always get what we think we need. 444 more words




its been awhile but i feel like it may be time to get into this blogging thing.  since my last post i have graduated college, got a raise at my job, and contemplated adopting a cat.   329 more words


Planetary Groupings

It is pretty overwhelming to map out all the planets exact positions at a given time and then further more to make any coherent pattern of it all. 243 more words


Fuel line

So last Saturday I managed to get the engine going, it seemed to run pretty god except a bit to high in neutral rev. On Sunday I was taking a look at the deck (I’m going to take it apart to clean underneath and make a new deck) so my first part was to disconnect the fuel line from the tank to the engine. 469 more words


a PSL for your thoughts?

Let’s talk about change. It’s officially fall, Mercury is no longer retrograde, and it was a strange month. September isn’t over yet, granted, but it feels as though something has come to an end and I sit patiently waiting for my next beginning. 671 more words