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Cougar XR-7

The Ford Mustang logo has a horse on the run. Chevy guys would have you think it was chasing after the Corvette, but I always imagined the Mustang was trying to get away from a Cougar! 7 more words

UVU Auto Show

The Most Healthy Fish And Seafood

WH Ranks The Most Healthy Fish And Seafood Safe seafood

March 10, 2007

There are plenty of fish in the sea, but finding the best fish and seafood took thorough analysis. 1,101 more words


African Americans on Mercury

American president Barack Obama declared February 2016 as National African American History Month. The Planetary Picture of the Day shows you the craters named after African Americans on Mercury.  53 more words


Studies show ‘flu shot doubles your chances at getting flu’ & trebles your child's risk of hospitalization

Raymond Francis Author  “Every year the mainstream media war drum beats for you to get vaccinated against the flu. They rarely discuss anything but the benefits of the vaccine. 198 more words


Mercury Trine Jupiter 2016-02-06

Mercury Trine Jupiter 2016-02-06

Since we have analyzed this date in depth elsewhere, we will skip a detailed analysis of this chart.  We do note that this occurred recently in… 1,027 more words


Seafood Consumption May Protect Against Alzheimers Dementia

…according to an article at the Journal of the American Medical Association. The study involved Chicago-area residents who had provided information about their eating habits. 165 more words

Who is Mercury and how his retrograde state affects us

Mercury- this pixy, little planet that can cause so much trouble…

As most of you probably know, Mercury or Hermes is an ancient god in the Roman/Greek mythology who is described as quick and cunning, moving freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine. 448 more words