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Review: Hellblazer #1

Like the Rebirth issue, Hellblazer #1 brings back memories of the title’s hey-day in the 1980s when Alan Moore was having John Constantine act as a vessel for Swamp Thing to have sex with his girlfriend Abby Holland  in… 694 more words


Virgo, who are you?

Party places are not the best hunting grounds when you are searching for these perfectionists. You are more likely to find them working late at the office than being flamboyant at a cocktail gathering. 347 more words


FDA Announce That DTap Vaccine Causes Autism

The FDA have published conclusive proof on their website that the DTap vaccine causes autism. 

According to the FDA’s online Biologics Blood Vaccines document (between pages 6 to 11), a vaccine manufacturer admits on its package insert that their vaccination can cause autism as one of many adverse reactions. 685 more words


Dr. Mercola and Charlie Brown Discuss Issues Behind Dental Mercury

Source: Mercola
Dr. Mercola
August 22, 2016

http://articles.mercola.com/sites/art… Natural health expert and Mercola.com founder Dr. Joseph Mercola interviews Charlie Brown, president of Consumers for Dental Choice and former attorney general for West Virginia.


Mercury Retrograde August 30th - Sept 21st| Know What To Expect & Be Prepared! What Is M.R?

Mercury Retrograde is a phase that happens 3-4 times a year. This is an astrological position that all signs need to know. Most importantly, Gemini and Virgo are influenced by this transit the most. 687 more words


#13: Neb-Khep-Ra

Neb-Khep-RA is often written in hieroglyphs inside the loop of the Ankh and is referred to as The Red Winged Sun Disk.   

Neb-Khep-RA is Lord… 73 more words