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Post #18 - Why the "Mercury" Thing.

I’ve now been writing on this blog for more than a month, so I suppose it’s about time I explain the meaning behind it’s name. It’s really quite random: it comes from a dream I had a few months ago, that I came to interpret as a metaphor for the duality of my existence (yay to over analysing everything). 367 more words

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Mars Opposite Neptune 2015-10-06 (Yod)

Mars Opposite Neptune 2015-10-06 (Yod)

Others have written about this aspect on this date, and what we have to add is that some of us will face an important decision at this time.  76 more words


Double Sunset, Double Sunrise.

Where can you see the sun rise and set twice in a day?  On Mercury!

But does that mean there are actually….Two days in one day?? 36 more words


Sustainability advocate wins MacArthur "Genius" Award

An environmental advocate who works to make hospital practices more environmentally friendly has been named a 2015 MacArthur Fellow. The honor, colloquially known as the MacArthur Genius Award, provides a $625,000 stipend and was given to only 24 people in the world this year. 282 more words


Contemplations from the 90's: 1994 Lincoln Contempra

We have said it before, there are different kinds of concept cars and sometimes manufacturers use the word rather loosely to include teasers of production cars whose designs already set and approved for production. 824 more words


Retrograde/DoE from dusk til dawn: petty bettys with a heart of gold, miseducation vs ignorance & the app that ate my feelings

i literally turned my phone sideways and the WordPress app screen rebooted. bye bye emotional ass blog post. i guess i didn’t need to share all that. 1,386 more words