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Mercury in Cancer trine retrograde Neptune in Pisces 30th July 2020

Mercury at 20 degrees 36 minutes Cancer is trine retrograde Neptune at 20 degrees 36 minutes Pisces at 6.45 pm GMT 7.45 pm BST 30th July 2020. 93 more words

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Mercury in Cancer opposition retrograde Jupiter in Capricorn 30th July 2020

Mercury at 20 degrees 18 minutes Cancer is opposition retrograde Jupiter at 20 degrees 18 minutes Capricorn at 2.18 pm GMT 3.18 pm BST 30th July 2020. 89 more words

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There is a safer alternative to the tuna you’re likely buying

Canadian tuna (and US Pacific Northwest) – a nutritious catch you likely don’t know about

Canned tuna-people either love it or hate it but even for those who love it – many have turned away from this pantry staple. 740 more words


Neptune Natal Square Mercury Transit

Neptune Natal Square Mercury Transit can be quite difficult since there might be a certain way one envisions life. There can be an element of fantasy, fiction, illusion, or delusion in the thinking process. 384 more words

Suffering From Toxicity Without Realising?

Chiropractors and scans

After being told by an NHS clinician during a consultation at The Royal Sussex County Hospital “that it’s all in the head,” I was astonished and shocked to read that ‘medically unexplained symptoms’ are so common in the NHS, accounting for up to 45% of all GP appointments and half of all new visits to hospital clinics in the UK. 1,060 more words


Venus meets Mercury in May 2020

During spring of 2020 planet Venus was well visible and when slowly moving accross the sky along it’s orbit, it met many celestial objects like Pleiades and the Moon. 193 more words


Rosacea and Heavy Metals

If you’re familiar with Anthony William (Medical Medium) then you’ve heard of the problem with heavy metals. He believes they are the underlying cause of hundreds of ailments ranging from psoriasis to Alzheimer’s to thyroid conditions. 599 more words