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Prepared for an Hour, and a Day, and a Month, and a Year

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Scripture reading: Revelation 9:13-15

This picture in Revelation 9 brings us back to the Tabernacle of Moses. The golden Altar of Incense is situated before the veil in the Holy Place, and the High Priest burns the incense on this altar before he goes into the Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement. 577 more words

Time Of The End

Slain in the Spirit

While surfing the internet, I stumbled across the Father’s Day church service that started the Brownsville Revival, also called the Pensecola Outpouring. The revival lasted for five years with more than four million attending and birthed new ministries. 536 more words

Teena Myers

The Blood and the Veil - Entrance by the Blood (Part 7)

On the Day of Atonement, blood went on the veil and beyond. The blood of the sin sacrifice was sprinkled on it with a motion that imitated whipping a man. 864 more words

The Blood Of Jesus Christ

Exodus 25:10-22 The Place of Law and Grace

In Exodus 25:10-22, the Lord describes how he wants the Ark of the Covenant to be constructed.  What we find is gold, gold, and more gold was to be used to build this “box” or sorts.  241 more words


A centered and balanced life cannot be ruled by feelings or emotion…but it cannot be void of them either. Healthy living requires a proper balance between, intellect and emotion. 1,054 more words

True Story

The Empowerer of God’s People – Ps David Storer 2008-05

Thursday 1 May 2008 Church Camp

  • Learn to position myself to receive.
  • There’s a way to receive.
  • Never be too tired to have an encounter with God.
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Ex 27:1-8

God wanted to dwell among his people. How does a holy God dwell among sinful people? First God required the people to sacrifice a perfect animal for their sins (Lev 17:11). 1,140 more words