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Give Thanks Daily

3 We always pray for you, and we give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. — Colossians 1:3 NLT

Colossians 1:3-9 NLT… 180 more words

Mercy Walks With Us

Grace—God giving us what we don’t deserve. Mercy—God not giving us what we do deserve. For many years the grace of God and mercy of God seemed pretty much interchangeable to me. 469 more words

Life Lessons


📖: John 14:22-31

Confession: Psalm 23

A comforter is a person or thing that comforts; But “THE COMFORTER” is the “Holy Spirit”. Many are the gifts of God, but none is greater than the gift of the Holy Spirit. 614 more words

Every Saint Has A Past & Every Sinner Has A Future

Many people go through their lives carrying the burden of guilt or regret over past mistakes. For some, the weight is such that it crushes their sense of self-worth and they are unable to live a normal life, and they go to their grave haunted by the wrongs they have done. 529 more words

Self Improvement

Overwatch Season 3 Review: "As You Reach Your Goals, Set New Ones. That is How You Grow."

Hey Animated World!

Last Wednesday we said goodbye to Season 3 of Overwatch Competitive Play! Season 3 ran from the end of November to Mid February, ending the same time as the Year of the Rooster Event. 1,483 more words


Broken Down

Jeremiah 3-4

Monday, February 27

In Chapters 3-4  Jeremiah wanted a spiritual turnaround for sinful, wasteful lives.  He pictured this as a plowing of ground, formerly hard and unproductive because of weeds, in order to make it useful for sowing. 107 more words


Red Pill Angel

Wings of mercy, garlands of pain
the red pill angel strikes again
carrying wounded to heaven high
up to hospital beds in the sky.

Her wings are crimson, ruddy dew… 93 more words