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Originally posted on Interrupting the Silence: For the refugees, migrants, and displaced persons of this world, Lord, hear our prayer, and let our cry come to you.

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OW - QP - Dorado Attack

Since this recording comes right on the heels of the last one we’re still having sound sync issues.

I seem to have had a lot of trouble taking cover from their DVa on this one. 32 more words


I Favor Zero Tolerance For Idiots Who Throw Starburst Candy At The Leader Of The Free World, Angela Merkel

Among the many “no, really, not-the-Onion” and not-funny-either stories these past few days, Donald Trump throwing Starburst candy at German Chancellor Angela Merkel and spewing out “don’t say I never gave you anything” at her–that is about the stupidest and most disgraceful, despite all the competition for “worst.”  Though the Melania Trump jacket that said “I don’t really care, do u” is bad too.  226 more words

Hope for today: rejoice and be glad

But may all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; may those who long for Your saving help always say, “The Lord is great!” Psalm 40:16



Thirteen Year Old Facing Jail Time for Recording Conversation with Principal

In Illinois there is a student that is being charged with a felony because he had the audacity to record a conversation that he was having with his principal for the duration of about ten minutes.  491 more words

Thoughtful Exposition

" There Is A Change That Is In The Air "

Good Bless Day!! everyone!! I hope ((All)) is well with each and everyone. I’m Grateful to see a ((New)) day. I wanted to share with you all about this title That has been on me since yesterday. 668 more words