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How we celebrate Merdeka Day


Yesterday was 31 Ogos and as a Malaysian, we should know what that date mean to us. Its MERDEKA DAY to our country, MALAYSIA. ohh yeayyy… 230 more words


[16 days] to Merdeka Day

SEXY in a bottle

Buy it now!

At a dodgy shopping complex near you!

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen.  Here in Malaysia, you can buy Sexy in a bottle.   18 more words


[17 days] to Merdeka Day

The love of all things GIGANTIC

I just like the word “GERGASI” , which reminds me of a time a silly friend got the words all wrong looking for a ‘ 125 more words


[18 days] to Merdeka Day


One of the most common observations that comedians make during comedy night is that of our Malaysian motorcyclists .

They wear their jackets backwards. 111 more words


[19 days] to Merdeka Day

Hot men are on the menu

We love strange signs and brands that raise an eyebrow! LOVE!  What more could you want to your day than spotting something that can really make you chuckle!   95 more words


Our Merdeka mini-Project

We’re starting a project.  Leading up to Merdeka Day (on 31st August), we’re attempting to post 20 things (1 a day) we like about Malaysia.  With all the bad juju going around (shootings, haze etc.), we thought it might be nice to look on the brighter side of life.   46 more words