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“Are you ok?” worry infusing each word.

Perplexed, “I’m fine”.

“Well, I read your blog.”

Mind racing, screaming silently, “What alarm was triggered?”

“Oh, that was just….” and I provided context – the trickling, incessant daily minutia eroding joy, its rubble blocking light and air. 89 more words

Mere Musings

Winter Morning at Home

Pups and I line up in the morning’s stream of warmth and light. Country artist shares his loss and celebration of a loved one. Fire sputters demands for attention. 9 more words

Mere Musings

Finding your tribe

It occurred to me today that I have found my tribe. Actually I knew I think a few years ago, but didn’t have the words for it. 153 more words

Mere Musings


Still.                                                    Get Busy.
Body quiet.                                    Do Something Important.
Mouth silent.                                 Listen!
Eyes resting.                                  Watch!

                  You didn’t get anything done today?

You wasted an entire day?! 17 more words

Mere Musings

When a Writer Writes Words

What inspires an individual to write? After all, writing is an arduous task which drains the very soul of the writer herself. After I write, for example, I like to take a long nap near an open window or curl up with a motivating novel and a mug of hot tea. 252 more words

Mere Musings

An Alaskan Winter in New England

It is a true test of patience and endurance when you have to excavate your house from 60 inches of snow in just a few weeks, while handling stir-crazy kids who are racking up the snow days. 283 more words

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