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Grateful and Humbled

Tonight I reflect on how fantastic Intimo has been for me and my family. 5 years ago I was afraid to get fitted for a bra. 143 more words

Mere Musings

Who Dares, Serves!

What, precisely, is the mission of the Church? It’s an important question if we are to seek to serve God in the place where he has set us. 311 more words


The Real Losers

Who are the real losers when political systems fail?

Leaving aside the significant numbers of failing states around our world at the moment – fuelling anarchy and extremism with all its vile consequences – spare a thought for another group of people: the ordinary men, women and children of Greece. 177 more words


Sneaky Knave

Grief is a sneaky, nefarious knave. Insinuating himself as nostalgia then assaulting full-force as one’s protective garb rattles to the ground.

Evicted after a vicious, exhausting battle, he retreated into the morning’s sunlight. 56 more words

Mere Musings


Trees rustling, disturbed by Wind’s persistence.

Creek’s night-time chatter muffled.

Cujo – all 12 pounds – barks indignantly at the wind, trees, and chimes

Disturbing the night.

Mere Musings

Choosing your reaction

In that short little gap between the event (stimulus) and your reaction, you have the ability to choose. Choose the way you will respond to the event. 353 more words

Mere Musings

Leading from the front. 

Today as I debrief from doing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course again for the third time, I will be thinking about my goals, my dreams and revisiting my vision board. 49 more words

Mere Musings