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Don't Forget to Breathe

Night sky.

Waxing gibbous.

Wax on. Wax off

Stars. Clouds brilliant.

Trees reaching to the heavens.

Creek whispers hymns of joy, love, loss, and sorrow. 7 more words

Mere Musings

Two Years: Message to My Father

It could’ve been just hours ago. Sitting vigil, waiting with you so you need not die alone. Your time.

The brother and I wished you peace. 151 more words

Mere Musings

"Assisted" Dying

At the time of writing our representatives in Parliament are debating the issue of what has become known as “Assisted Dying”. It is an emotive subject, no less for Christians than for those who speak from a humanist perspective. 202 more words


Holidays and Holy Days

If you have been away on holiday over the past few weeks, I hope you had an enjoyable time. If you’ve been holidaying in the UK, I certainly hope you have been able to make the best of our somewhat strange August weather! 278 more words

Mere Musings

Grateful and Humbled

Tonight I reflect on how fantastic Intimo has been for me and my family. 5 years ago I was afraid to get fitted for a bra. 143 more words

Mere Musings

Who Dares, Serves!

What, precisely, is the mission of the Church? It’s an important question if we are to seek to serve God in the place where he has set us. 311 more words


The Real Losers

Who are the real losers when political systems fail?

Leaving aside the significant numbers of failing states around our world at the moment – fuelling anarchy and extremism with all its vile consequences – spare a thought for another group of people: the ordinary men, women and children of Greece. 177 more words