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The lifespan of single-use plastic bags is limited.

I’m excited. Why?

From the 1 July (and even sooner) Australian Supermarkets will not provide plastic bags – which is awesome news for our landfills and environment. 284 more words

Mere Musings

48 hours in Barcelona, a love affair with small cobbled streets

It is a funny thing. I never really had Spain on my bucket list.

But once there, Barcelona intrigued me. From the winding alleys of the Gothic quarter to the hip new area at the old Barcelona wharf, the summertime holiday vibe is contagious. 621 more words

Mere Musings

Packing solutions.

If you’re anything like me, you take wayyyyyyy too much when you travel.¬†Those “just in case” items.

I’m a chronic over packer and never use or wear half of what I take. 568 more words