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Sneaky Knave

Grief is a sneaky, nefarious knave. Insinuating himself as nostalgia then assaulting full-force as one’s protective garb rattles to the ground.

Evicted after a vicious, exhausting battle, he retreated into the morning’s sunlight. 56 more words

Mere Musings


Trees rustling, disturbed by Wind’s persistence.

Creek’s night-time chatter muffled.

Cujo – all 12 pounds – barks indignantly at the wind, trees, and chimes

Disturbing the night.

Mere Musings

Choosing your reaction

In that short little gap between the event (stimulus) and your reaction, you have the ability to choose. Choose the way you will respond to the event. 353 more words

Mere Musings

Leading from the front. 

Today as I debrief from doing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course again for the third time, I will be thinking about my goals, my dreams and revisiting my vision board. 49 more words

Mere Musings

Inspire. Take action. Its what you Do that counts

Recently I was asked to present an inspirational speech to my colleagues at our Intimo Showcase. For those of you interested in having a read. Here it is. 2,116 more words

Mere Musings

The struggle with strapless...

What if you could find an amazing strapless bra that didn’t feel like you were wearing it :)

Impossible I hear you say? Nope. The problem is that we all have that one dress or amazing top we can’t wear with a normal bra. 284 more words

Mere Musings


“Are you ok?” worry infusing each word.

Perplexed, “I’m fine”.

“Well, I read your blog.”

Mind racing, screaming silently, “What alarm was triggered?”

“Oh, that was just….” and I provided context – the trickling, incessant daily minutia eroding joy, its rubble blocking light and air. 89 more words

Mere Musings