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Chick flicks? Big fan. Spent the afternoon watching Hitch.

Man is insecure. Man has baggage. Man falls in love with woman DESPITE her flaws. Man temporarily loses woman. 201 more words

Networking - Savannah Style

I spent the early part of this week visiting my good friend Meredith Gray at her new bungalow in Savannah. We invited a fellow Savannah-ite to join us for breakfast Tuesday morning at the… 159 more words

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OMG, Get Over It! (Overused Slang and Sayings)

“We Are So Done”

Taken straight out of Grey’s Anatomy from Meredith Grey herself: “Seriously?” Unfortunately I can’t stop using it. “That is true.” “Word.” Also, “Are you kidding me?” “Nah” ” “It’s just not happening” and finally: “It is what it is.” “Lol” “TTFN” (Ta Ta For Now!)

Alexander McQueen & A Bucket List

My friend Meredith Gray is moving to Savannah soon and created a bucket list of activities in the northeast before her relocation. When I heard one of the items, I enlisted to join her for a visit to the Met to see the… 149 more words

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Grey’s Anatomy Cast. 


I'm Having the Best Time...

…appreciating people on a daily basis. I signed up with SendOutCards a few months ago. I recently heard one of the industry leaders speak and since then have been sending out two cards a day to people I want to acknowledge. 237 more words

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Beyond Fearless Fridays: Meredith Gray

When Meredith Gray (not that Meredith Gray) received a diagnosis that she had breast cancer for the second time, rather than dive under the covers to hide, she mobilized into action to deal with her illness. 216 more words

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