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Amanda Knox ex-boyfriend insinuates that she is insane in Facebook posts about getting away with murder

The latest scandal involving Meredith Kercher’s former murder suspects, is Amanda Knox’s ex,  Raffaele Sollecito, publishing shocking pictures and comments on social media.  Raffaele made some cutting comments on a private Facebook group that caters to whose who enjoy discussing violence and hatred for women.   511 more words


9to5 and Amanda Knox, Rudy Guede, Raffaele Sollecito

The Florence courts have scheduled Rudy Guede’s next court date on January 10, 2017.  Guede will provide documents to support his stance that he deserves a new trial.  1,268 more words


Manipulative Memoir Pt 2 proves Amanda Knox was hostile to police from day one

Amanda Knox recently wrote an article claiming that woman are more susceptible to confessing to a crime that they didn’t commit.  Regardless of whether that is the case or not, the fact is that Amanda Knox was not influenced by patriarchal pressure to submit to police pressure.   199 more words

Amanda Knox

Trump paid Amanda Knox's legal fees and she didn't thank him

While some may debate whether she was involved or not, it is an ineluctable fact that Amanda Knox has made a considerable fortune from the murder of Meredith Kercher. 407 more words


An evil awaits its unsuspecting victims

An evil patiently awaits its unsuspecting victims, as my heart cries for the innocent “il mio cuore piange per gli innocenti”

The story I’m writing you today begins in Bari, Italy. 1,861 more words

Shame on Amazon.com - posting only pro-Amanda Knox books on Meredith Kercher site

A famous president once said, “Boycott Italy over Amanda Knox.”  The same sentiment arises for Amazon.com when one becomes aware of how Meredith Kercher’s book is being displayed on their website with only pro-Amanda Knox books listed as other suggested books. 406 more words