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"No, no, no!" Italian courts tell Amanda Knox ex

reason for the denial

It is being reported on June 28, 2017 that Amanda Knox’s ex- partner-in-crime, Raffaele Sollecito has been denied compensation for wrongful imprisonment – again.  195 more words


Amanda Knox: a psychopath in sheep's clothing or an innocent person caught up in a nightmare

When Netflix launched the Amanda Knox documentary on the 30th September 2016, I didn’t know too much about the tragic death of Meredith Kercher, the arrest of Amanda Knox, the media attention, the trial and the eventual acquittal but based on the small amounts of information I knew, I thought that Knox was caught up in something awful that didn’t involve her, and instead involved Rudy Guede  – however, after watching the documentary I’m not too sure. 1,189 more words

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New Amanda Knox Biopic is Out

Reelz has produced a new Amanda Knox biopic, as part of their show “Scandals Made Me Famous.” It aired for the first time over the weekend, but I just saw the ad. 84 more words

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Meredith Kercher Superstar

Meredith Kercher was a  beautiful, happy, young woman who was thrust into the world news (and tabloids) due to her death and the depravity of the monsters who attacked her.   2,111 more words


 Amanda Knox Fake News 

I wrote last year about a crazy obsessed duo, who devote their time to the MOST BORING and ill informed podcasts on YouTube with crazy conspiracy theories about a decade old murder.  622 more words

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Amanda Knox ex lashes out on TV after court says 'No compensation for you'

While Amanda Knox relives her lesbian experiences in prison (ten years ago) in the mainstream media, her ex-flame Raffaele Sollecito boils over on Italian television.  Too humiliated to face the public, Raffaele fired away from the telephone about the Florence courts recent verdict.  526 more words


'She’d think I was playing hard to get': Amanda Knox reveals lesbian inmate tried to seduce her in jail

Amanda Knox who was convicted but then acquitted of the murder of British student Meredith Kercher, has written a detailed account of how a lesbian inmate tried to seduce her during her years behind bars. 367 more words