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Amanda Knox ex's eight lies and Rudy's response

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After Rudy Guede’s interview on Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories) exploded on the scene, his co-defendants have responded in opposite ways. While Amanda Knox adopts the Cosby-code-of-silence, Raffaele Sollecito has come out swinging. 644 more words


Lawyers volunteer to help Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede

After Rudy Guede’s sensational interview on Italian TV show Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories), viewed by 1.5 million people, lawyers have offered to help.  It is being reported today… 188 more words


Blood stain analysis and Italy's top forensic expert in Meredith Kercher murder case

Drip Stains/Patterns
(caused by the force of gravity only)

The physical evidence in any crime is the only way to know for certain what took place. 1,871 more words


Amanda Knox co-defendant Rudy Guede Fights Back - Interview with English Subtitles

The beginning of Rudy Guede’s interview with Franca Leosini on RAI 3 Italian show Storie Maledette (Cursed Stories) has been translated into English thanks to Eric Paroissien of… 1,118 more words


Meredith Kercher killer Rudy Guede wrote on walls with her blood 'to try and understand her'

The man who killed Meredith Kercher claims he is innocent, and that he wrote on the walls with her blood to try to ‘understand’ what she was saying. 375 more words


Rudy Guede points the finger at Amanda Knox

It is being reported on January 18, 2016 that Rudy Guede says that he is innocent of the murder of Meredith Kercher.   In a clear and concise manner, Guede states that there is no evidence of his DNA on the murder weapon or in the simulated break-in room.  215 more words


CNN censors Amanda Knox coverage in Italy

It is being reported on January 16, 2016 that the Italian television show, Cursed Stories was snubbed by CNN when they tried to purchase 40 seconds of video of Amanda Knox. 230 more words