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They change, they grow, they hate, they hurt, they love, they dream…

original: sketch, signed, dated

technical: ball-point

support: paper (110gsm)

size: 42 cm x 29 cm


The Ball Point Pieces

Merfolk > UB Fairies

I haven’t played much MtG recently, but fired up Merfolk tonight.  I thought UB Fairies would be a good matchup but it went to 3 games. 68 more words


Summer days

The heat is pervasive. It doesn’t beat down on you like an inescapable force. It sinks and clings and swirls around you, cloying and suffocating. The heat simply is. 72 more words

Creative Writing


My friend is helping to make a game, and she is working on character design. I was inspired to draw a design too! Here is my first merman. 15 more words


The Big Slice Surprises The Trini Kids Can Write Contest Winners

Congratulations again to all our talented winners. So sorry I could not be there :-(