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Mermaid's Curse 1.6

Alric gave Kelsie a push onto the shore. She struggled in the mud, then gave up and lay down. In the water Alric and her jailer spoke. 455 more words

Fairy Tale

Mermaid's Curse 1.5

“Where is it?”

“Not far. Tell me why you have returned as a human?”

Kelsie looked away. “I am cursed, Alric, as all royals are upon birth. 520 more words

Fairy Tale

Mermaid's Curse 1.2

“I see,” Samantha said, though Kelsie doubted the peasant really did. “Danger lurks in the waters.  We need to go to the 4th Kingdom. There are secrets the sea is trying to reveal. 367 more words

Fairy Tale

Mermaid's Curse 1.1

“Don’t be rude, Teller,” the woman said, her voice gentle.

“Teller?” Caspin raised an eyebrow.

Kelsie knew that Logan had changed his name while cursed as most of them did to keep the commoners from learning the truth about the royals and how they were all cursed from birth by the evil, dark fairies. 404 more words

Fairy Tale

Mermaid's Curse 1.0

Kelsie sat on the dock soaking her pale feet in the water. Before her the sea spread out to touch the horizon. She longed to jump in, find her feet replaced by her tail and fins, and swim home to the 4th Kingdom. 452 more words

Fairy Tale


in response to merman archie i got a dozen of requests for centaur maxie, BUT instead i went for a faun because that’s more nerdy and cute.

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Sasha, the short prologue to Pouraka is available on Kindle now. If you want to buy it, it’s $.99 but if you subscribe to my… 191 more words