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Sea micro fic #2

Whales often nursed merfolk young alongside their own children. The mer mothers would give birth, and no sooner had the midwife placed the child in her arms than the whales would come, their haunting song caught on the currents that flowed through the sea caves and catacombs the merfolk called home. 91 more words

Sci-fi Fiction

Mer-cats Takeover!

We now interrupt our regularly scheduled programming to bring you —Mer-cats! Also known as Felis Marinus, these denizens of the briny deep are the purrfect companions for mer-folk like Whelk and Gull . 195 more words

Graphic Novel

Sea micro fic #1

The people of the sea had a name for the vast ocean above the sky. They told their young stories of the sparkling schools of burning sea creatures that hid themselves behind the vast blue fin and blazing yellow eye of the mother whale that lit the arid ocean and warmed the waters of the sea. 100 more words

Sci-fi Fiction


They change, they grow, they hate, they hurt, they love, they dream…

original: sketch, signed, dated

technical: ball-point

support: paper (110gsm)

size: 42 cm x 29 cm


The Ball Point Pieces

Merfolk > UB Fairies

I haven’t played much MtG recently, but fired up Merfolk tonight.  I thought UB Fairies would be a good matchup but it went to 3 games. 68 more words


Summer days

The heat is pervasive. It doesn’t beat down on you like an inescapable force. It sinks and clings and swirls around you, cloying and suffocating. The heat simply is. 72 more words

South Korea