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Ink Blood – Chapter 7 – Isabel

At first she thought she’d offer him washing liquid for tea. Perhaps some alcohol instead? Then again, the hot drink itself would burn through his throat! 2,913 more words


Ink Blood – Chapter 6 – Isabel

She couldn’t tell him anything, his palm was pressing painfully on her neck. Her brain began panicking, when her lungs were not getting enough oxygen. Her fingernails dug deeper, desperately making their way past the fabrics to get to the sensitive skin. 1,959 more words


RP Talk (Episode 2) Powered by the Fishpocalypse

Graham Gentz and Andrew Mullen discuss Fishtown, Andrew’s setting of cosmic choruses, underwater politics, and merfolk resonances. How does such a thing work? Is there Land? 14 more words

How many different kinds of Antarcticans are there? Episode 8 of A Centaur's Life

Sorry to be late again–Seattle smoke got me down again in the health department!

Anyways, on with the review of episode 8 of A Centaur’s Life. 860 more words


Ink Blood – Chapter 5 – Isabel

It was past lunch when she got home. It took all her mental power to stay focused on her dear family, when all she wanted to do right now was to sit on the bus, drive half an hour to southwest and forget her family for another half an hour. 847 more words