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Competitive Budget Modern Decks

When players talk about “Budget Magic” it usually refers to some under the radar deck that has yet to see competitive play. Realistically, those kinds of decks may win you a small local tournament but just aren’t up to snuff when it comes to playing against the big boys. 561 more words

Magic: The Budgeting

Sea Salt

There was once a boy who fell in love with a mermaid.

His soft brown boots sank into the wet sand, forming footprints that faded as soon as his feet left them. 388 more words

Original Work

Camp NaNoWriMo - First Check-in, Day 6

This challenge didn’t start off positive for me. To be honest, I only got my feet wet today. Yes, I started on July 1st but I didn’t put in significant work until today. 197 more words


Meeting of the Merfolk, PART TWO

Part One

Our leader bowed her head meekly. “I recognize this, Your Majesty. The problem is this – Xiantha, the Princess of the Equatorial clan, is no where to be found. 1,125 more words

365 Day Challenge

Short Story: Whistle

Introduction: In a nation where only water spirit summoners are born, Zyri is the black sheep, a girl with potential magic but no aptitude for summoning water spirits. 1,372 more words


Rise from The Water, My Finned Friends!

Hello! This is deckmeister again! Today I’m sharing a Merfolk deck! It is also a LEGACY deck! Rise from The Water, My Finned Friends! is a deck centered on Merfolks, using the Masters of the Pearl Tridents to boost the Merfolk’s power and toughness. 70 more words


Pathfinder: Spells of the Sea

All week long, we are showing off what is inside the Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Merfolk. Yesterday we showed off the merfolk racial traits and two variants that you can play in your campaign. 384 more words

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