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The Adventures of PD and Bee: Part Two

Morning dawned bright through the tree canopy before striking PD’s eyes. She blinked, yawned, and rolled off her branch bed to land lightly beside Chande, still asleep on the ground. 2,833 more words


Author Bio: Updated

I’m a linguistically minded artist and writer of Gothic-inspired art, music, and fiction. My passions include writing, reading, drawing, language learning, and music creation.

I started writing in my teen years, as many authors have, so it’s been quite a while for me. 116 more words


Elves Aren’t The Only Fantasy Creatures!

I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Elves aren’t the only Fae inhabiting Second Life. There are our cousins, the Fairies, as well. But I’m talking far different fantasy creatures: werewolves, vampires, dragons, and the like. 237 more words

Second Life

The Adventures of PD and Bee: Part One

PD Astomi had never seen a city until she arrived in Percs, and now that she was leaving it satisfied her to note that she hadn’t liked the experience. 2,870 more words


All The #Mermay2017

Here are all the mermaid drawings I did for #Mermay2017 and published daily on my Instagram, gathered up in one post. I used Tom Bancroft’s prompts, which I wrote on some of the images. 147 more words


Why isn't everyone breathing underwater?

First and foremost, not everyone is born with the ability to breath underwater. ┬áRemember that only a small number of those people exist since not a lot of people don’t come from an ancestry that includes merfolk. 145 more words