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#Mermay the 25th: Sleazy hair

Really not much to say about this one, other than I need to figure out a way to colour that matches this spaghetti style.


#Mermay the 24th: Robot Disaster

This one is from yesterday, while watching BySqueesh stream again. Seems like the perfect time to do my #mermay sketches. She suggested I do a robot mermaid, possibly payback for asking her to… 26 more words


#Mermay the 23rd: Bunny Axe-maiden

So today’s mermaid was drawn while watching BySqueesh‘s twitch stream. I try to draw along usually, which is sometimes rather challenging (with Eli trying to draw along on top of my drawing, or climbing on top of my desk trying to sit on the Wacom tablet, or wanting to watch Simon’s Cat while listening to Karma Chameleon really loudly). 133 more words

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#Mermay the 22nd: Spaghetti Couple

Exploring this toon style. Sadly, I had very very little time for sketching today, was finishing this one with Eli on my lap, trying to grab the pencil. 54 more words

Monthly Challenges

#Mermay the 21st: Noodle Doodles

I’ve been doodling out some comic styles today, and this mermaid sketch is one of the results. A longer post about all that other stuff coming up :)


#Mermay the 20th: Beached

Spent most of the day travelling to and then from a hospital, to see my sister-in-law and her brand new baby boy. When we weren’t catching buses and getting lost in the huuuuuge hospital, we waited around. 50 more words


Chapter Two — Over and Under the Waves

Hey folks! I’m posting a bit early this week, because by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be on my way to VanCAF — the Vancouver Comic Arts Festival! 53 more words