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One thought on “Ruby merge vs merge! difference”

Nowadays, I am working on Ruby.So posting one function/method from Ruby which is “merge”.I found it very interesting.

So, here we go,

h1 = { “a“ => 1, “b“ => 2, c=>3 } 92 more words


esProc Codes Dynamic MERGE statement

Databases, such as MSSQL and ORACLE, support updating tables using MERGE statement. But they lack functions for performing set operations. If data structure of the target table is unknown, it is very complicated to use the stored procedure to get its data structure and then compose the dynamic SQL statement. 308 more words


Buffalo's best gluten-free grub (Part 2)

As a member of the Buffalo community and the “Celiac Club” (not a real club), I have spent a lot of time scoping out the best places to visit when looking for some gluten-free grub. 484 more words


Merge Sort


Here I implemented Merge Sort Algorithm. I tested the algorithm over 10,000 random numbers. I compared the performance with bubble sort and the answer is awesome. 240 more words

Helpful API

Sunday Fun: Merge Ahead!

A bit of Sunday fun. A merger in photography occurs when a background object is directly in front or behind a subject. Usually our mergers are unsightly things, like framing up someone’s portrait to discover that a tree that appears to be growing from the subjects head. 86 more words


Merge safely

Re: Sign of the times, letter by Don Janzen, June 26.

What a refreshing and direct perspective. Each time construction chokes off part of the E.C. 221 more words



I have two blogs–this one that I now rarely post on and an art blog that I post on more frequently.  Being in nature in and out of the city is a large part of what sustains me in life and allows me to create.   83 more words