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Python script to compare and merge excel files

Here I’m talking about a cool Python module using that you can compare two sheets in an excel sheet for a common value and merge the sheets. 120 more words


Merge Sort

  • It is a sorting technique based on divide and conquer technique.
  • It is an in-place sort as it doesn’t require any extra space.
  • The larger items…
  • 382 more words
Data Structure

Merging Data Sources - Part 3

Now, when I last posted, I’m sure you thought I was done talking about the MERGE statement. You are so wrong, compadre! One more post is absolutely needed! 329 more words


World of Tanks North America Server Merge

Where is the new server located?


Has the server merge started and is any current lag due to this change over?

No, the merge will start early Wednesday, August 16… 626 more words

World Of Tanks

Family Tree

If we trace our path backwards

We all end up in the same place


As we get closer to our origin

The paths start to merge… 55 more words

[Git]Merging Conflicted PRs

  1. Update the master
  2. Checkout a new branch from the master

git checkout -b new-branch master

3. pull the conflicting PR from the remote branch in remote repository… 52 more words