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Handy T-SQL Merge

Inserts records into target that aren’t in source, deletes records that are no longer in source.

MERGE CowTarget AS t
USING CowSource AS s
ON (t.TargetCowId = s.CowId)
    INSERT (TargetCowId, TargetName, TargetMotto)
	VALUES (CowId, Name, Motto)
SQL Server

SORT – ICETOOL – RESIZE – Merge multiple records into a single record

ICETOOL has an option RESIZE which is helpful when we want to create large record (single row) by combining multiple rows. User need to know the input LRECL and the new LRECL needed for the output file. 181 more words


Excel 'concatenate': how to combine FirstName LastName columns into one column - Name

The formula is of the format =CONCATENATE(A1,A2) which will combine the separate names in Cell A1 and Cell B1 into one.

On my version of Excel this format will include a space between the two but you can force one if yours doesn’t, with =CONCATENATE(A1, ” “, B1). 265 more words


Target and Cartwheel apps to merge starting this summer, mobile payments and improved maps to follow

 Target’s mobile app strategy will undergo a significant change, starting this summer. The retailer announced this week it will soon combine the functionality of its Cartwheel savings app with its main shopping app, in preparation for an eventual Cartwheel shutdown. 39 more words

How to Drive Chicago: Zipper Merges 

23. Drive. All merges are zipper merges. Think about that phrase “zipper merge” and act accordingly. One car from the left. One car from the right. 45 more words


Record Stores Labels Love

From emporiums with vast caverns of dusty, disorganized stacks, to the slick, wooden-box shops, where carefully-curated bins of vinyl are perfectly positioned next to screen prints, the world has no shortage of diverse and amazing record shops. 1,892 more words

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The investing business is about to go through 'the largest competitive realignment' in history

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Investment managers are in for a wave of consolidation the likes of which the industry has never seen before.

Several factors are driving this “the largest competitive realignment in asset-management history,” according to a new report from consulting firm Casey Quirk, which is part of Deloitte. 229 more words

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