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Music and Creativity

Why do people like music? On the surface, it seems pretty weird that certain kinds of air vibrations should inspire such a wide range of emotion in us. 2,013 more words


First Post - Identifying Duplicates and Fixing Incremental Merge Errors

Figured I would start small with my first post, and share a simple TSQL query that I often find myself using to identify duplicates. If you have ever written an incremental merge script, you have likely gotten an error like the following: 997 more words


Git merge just a few files

Taking almost all of this content from How to selectively merge or pick changes from another branch in git?

git merge --no-ff --no-commit usefulbranch

By issuing no-commit, you can make any modifications to the code before committing, including: 18 more words


Silent Awareness

Only love unites;
the purer the love,
the stronger the bond.
In silent awareness
do we merge in the
unity of love.


How to use vimdiff

Vim can be used as a diff and merge tool. While it cannot match the beauty and power of GUI programs like Meld, it is immensely useful to diff and merge over a SSH session. 130 more words


Merge, a leader in AR/VR products for consumers and educators, is showcasing its award-winning AR/VR Merge Cube and Merge Goggles at IFA as it seeks to expand distribution in Europe. 249 more words

Content Overview

Twinflames & Unions 8/30 ~ August 30, 2018

Editor’s Note: Aluna’s description of this process perfectly describes what happened to me at 0400 this morning. I experienced this union within with a burst of JOY!  259 more words