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A Falling Leaf

A falling leaf
autumn orange
drifting down to nestle
among the quilt of fall

Blue skies crisp and clear
blankets of stars
spread horizon to horizon… 44 more words


ffmpeg | mixing tracks volume problem

amix parameter decreases volumes of each input track to avoid clipping of the result track.
Try this to prevent this behaviour:

ffmpeg -y -i payload.mp2 -i bed.mp2 -filter_complex "[0]volume=2[a];[1]volume=2[b];[a][b]amix=inputs=2:duration=shortest:dropout_transition=0" payload_plus_bed.mp2

LIBE 477B – Final Vision Project Part 2: Who's it for?


So, who I am creating this final vision project for? Well it will be primarily for teachers in the school I will be working at and for teachers in the community in general. 966 more words


Null values in Terraform v0.11.x

Terraform is an awesome infrastructure-as-code tool, but it’s been always love/hate relationship for me. At first it works and you’re soaring high and mighty and then you face one of the notorious HCL processing limitations and spend several days devising hacks to make the damned thing work. 2,168 more words


fixed : merge persons (faces) in Photos.app

Question :

While going through photos in Photos.app, I opened the People-library to see if there were any new faces that I should identify to connect them to the right person. 214 more words

Tips & Tricks

Waiting for the ambulance


Waiting for the ambulance,
At last, I fully comprehend
That when I die, I’ll leave this life,
And instantly transcend 

Beloved partner, family, home, 154 more words


Merge SharePoint documents using Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps

In one of my previous blog post, I created a Flow to Merge Multiple documents into Single PDF. So the question may arise in your mind as to why am I writing another blog post on Merge? 790 more words