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Spasmodic Baking: Meringues

As a general rule of thumb, I’m not to be trusted in the kitchen. However, I’m slightly better with the oven. I sporadically bake cake and cookies and the like (you can count on it around my birthday), and it usually turns out kind of tasty. 929 more words


What to do with egg whites?

I have a cup of egg whites in my refrigerator taunting me to do something with them. I have these whites because Son made me a Parisien flan before he left for his job in Alaska. 503 more words


You Can Be My Lucky Charm

How do you prefer your banana pudding?

Whipped cream?

Or meringue?

When I was pregnant with The Kid, we went up to New Jersey for what turned out to be a surprise baby shower.  610 more words


Les petites Meringuettes

We bought some meringuettes (which really means small meringues) in Rocamadour, in the Dordogne region. It’s a beautiful little village but much more touristy that what we expected. 161 more words


Rhubarb Meringue Pie

This is one of my favorites, but I never seem to make it often enough. I either make a biscuit base, using crushed biscuits of choice (or whatever is in the cupboard), mixed with melted butter and pushed into a plan dish, or I buy a flan base already made, either plain or sweet, it doesn’t matter. 333 more words


LBBs 1st Birthday! 

I am 1 today!!! A year ago today I published my first post New found obsession, featuring meringues. So I found it fitting to celebrate by making some more! 378 more words


Chocolate Meringues

Satisfy your sweet tooth!

I should make meringues more often because they are quick and easy, not to mention light and sweet. Even though I chose this recipe as a complement to other Kosher-for-Passover Seder desserts, meringues would work any time of year. 225 more words

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