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Aniseed-Almond Meringues

Love to eat Good & Plentys? These licoricey meringues from Måurice are for you. ~ Bon Appétit


Image via Eva Kolenko


One Hundred and Nine

The Boys’ sleepover (Part 2)

As narrated by Meez:

“4 large eggs. 115g icing sugar. 115g caster sugar,” I read the recipe softly. “Hmm.”

Seems simple enough. 1,117 more words

Season 3

Better than egg meringue

This past week I decided to try a recipe I have been wanting to try forever – vegan meringues!! Now most of you know that egg whites are used to make the meringue mixture but what on earth is a vegan meringue made out of??? 522 more words


Nutella Meringues 

This is Bake Off challenge number 25. We were going to make simple meringues from one of the Bake Off cookbooks until we saw this recipe for Baci Meringues! 184 more words


Christmas baking has begun - Chocolate cinnamon meringue biscuits

Well there are only 35 days until Christmas, and this year I’m getting the best present of all. My brother is coming home!! (ok not for Christmas Day, but for two weeks, and we’re having some Christmas celebrations whilst he’s here). 130 more words


searching for cream....and then came meringues!

So Thanksgiving is coming up and I really want some cream for my pie..I am allergic to coconut so that rules out a bunch of ideas..if you are in Utah you can go to  … 221 more words


In season now: Strawberries

It’s my birthday today. No, this is not a desperate cry for attention (although I do like attention on my birthday), it’s to segue into talking about strawberries. 999 more words