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Call me crazy...

…or how I decided to lose weight – by knitting.

I’ve always had more kilograms than I liked, but over the years I’ve done some big things in that department and I’m happy to say that now, when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m not repulsed by what I see. 280 more words


Old and new

It is getting cold here! I know those of you who live in the deep south or the far north will be laughing at me, but if it gets below 10 degrees celcius I think its cold. 524 more words


Woodland Grace Moebius re-pub

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Knit Picks, this moebius scarf has some wonderful new pics — same pattern just a brand new look! The pattern will be available through Knit Picks’ IDP program shortly and the new version is available through Ravelry, Patternfish and LoveKnitting!


A Purple Shawl...

I´ve finally finished my PurpleShawl. I started this in febuary, and it always feels good to finish an “in-between-project”, like this was, because I tend to get very tired of it in the end… 50 more words


November hængt til tørre ..

Det er farveholdningen, der hedder “November”. En gammel kending, som jeg egentlig ikke har farvet i meget lang tid, men så kom der heldigvis lige en bestilling! 39 more words


A Vision of Winter, in merino

Titles are hard, guys. But you know what’s not hard? This dress. It went from drafting (YES I DRAFTED THIS BABY) to wearing in three hours flat – not to mention, three hours between 10pm and 1am. 810 more words

Spinning off the wheel!

Yesterday I finished up two spins – it was a proper plying party! I finished my Sara’s Texture Crafts polwarth.

I got about 290 yards of 2ply and then had a bit left so I’ve got a miniskein of nply too. 62 more words