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In Support of the Anti-False

I don’t like the way you look at me,

when I say I don’t go to church.

I don’t like the way ignorance blinds you, 165 more words


Extreme Altruism.

So, if we really believe in fairness, wouldn’t this be our life?

Ladies and Gentleman, Peter Joseph on Jesse Ventura's 'Off The Grid'

We all need you to share the view. Hum – I Hate It Too. She don’t hold me right, she’s never gonna get me there, so fuck the system, her. 17 more words


Part 2 of 2: A Paradigm Shift

During the early 1900s participants of the Progressive movement were troubled by the plight of the urban poor. They worried that the ‘promise’ of the American system did not extend evenly (Rothman 1980) to all segments of society – it did not penetrate the ghetto or the slum. 1,910 more words

Economic Inequality

What is Real: Mind over Box; Plato Style

What is real? For the beginners.

The non-existent DVD, TOOL – Jambi… Notice the incredible similarity of sound to the album itself!!! Shine on forever! 24 more words


Catalyst Poetry

Dawning is a new horizon, of light or dark it is unknown

One of two directions can slow or advance us home

With fore knowledge of the omega position, yet knowing of the battles to come… 383 more words


WEEKEND WATCH: The True Colors of America

In 1991, ABC’s Primetime Live with Diane Sawyer conducted an investigation into racial discrimination and aired the results on TV. In this video two men, similar in every way except that one is Caucasian and one is African American, go through the process of moving to St. 187 more words