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Does democracy truly mean a free country?

#democracy vs #meritocracy

The world is changing at a blistering pace and though change is what drives evolution, the pace of this change and the direction is alarming to say the least.  824 more words


Time To Retire The Office Of First Lady?

If American meritocracy and egalitarianism is to mean anything (and admittedly it often doesn’t mean much at all, especially considering the key protagonists in the presidential election we have just witnessed) then is it finally time to abolish the familiar but not-strictly-necessary official role for the spouse of the president? 1,170 more words

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Brexit & Trump = Capitalism & Meritocracy at a Crossroad

At first glance, readers would likely think that I have missed something. Isn’t democracy (also) at a crossroad?

Definitely not.

The campaigning/electioneering and voting went like clockwork, only more exciting than usual. 1,391 more words

The Invisible Hand is White

Adam Smith wrote that the actions of individuals seeking their own self-interest will have an added societal consequence of wealth distributing itself in line with the greatest societal good. 1,999 more words


The old radical cry that aristocracies were unfair had everything to commend it. After all, if you were simply born to wealth and power, where was the merit in you having them, and what legitimacy did that confer on you? 572 more words


Real meritocracy at work, not the PAP version

Furlong, 30, enrolled in a three-month coding boot camp that usesHackerRank, a web platform that trains and grades people on writing computer code. After earning a top ranking for Java developers globally, Furlong was hired by JPMorgan Chase & Co. 233 more words

Political Governance

Why the most powerful clown in the world could end up as the most successful

“We all must hope for Trump’s success, we want his presidency to be a good one.”
— Sam Harris in: The Most Powerful Clown

Harris and many other US-Americans foster the idea, that all should gather together and work for a common good – even under a President Trump.

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