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Trump leads -- is it a perversion of democracy?

Donald Trump leads – just – in the polls and there is some panic. The RCP poll of polls shows Trump leading Clinton for the first time by just 0.2 percentage points (43.4 to 43.2). 585 more words


Private Tutors Who Earn Big, Big Bucks – Three Thoughts

It was reported in the Straits Times that a small but growing group of “super tutors” are earning at least 1 million dollars in revenue. According to the tutors interviewed by the Straits Times, some of them are charging up to $420 for four 1.5-hour sessions a month, and earn up to $1.1 million in fees per year! 364 more words


Success and Luck

Success and Luck – Good Fortune and the Myth of Meritocracy
By Robert H. Frank
Princeton University Press – £19.95

”Ability is of little account without opportunity” (Napoleon Bonaparte). 597 more words


The Facade of Meritocracy

Meritocracy, mere
lore fed to ravenous masses.
An epic façade to
masquerade quiet corruption
and squash abandoned ideals.


My thinking tied in nicely with today’s prompt from The Daily Post,  6 more words

Creative Writing

Of Education and Meritocracy (Part 1)

I refer to Teach Less Learn More – Lessons Learnt Part 1.

The writer raises a very interesting point on how our education system has now evolved into a mindless battleground for parents to pit their kids against each other. 394 more words


How the Myth of Meritocracy has Perpetuated Gender Inequality in Academia

Despite claims to award university appointments based on meritocracy alone, gender inequality continues to impact the number of women in leadership positions at universities. In theory, meritocracy should be a fair policy to follow when considering candidates for a leadership position. 417 more words