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Death by HR: How Affirmative Action is Crippling America

I’m starting a new series of posts on a new book tracing the decline of competence in organizations due to affirmative action hiring, and how it is leading to economic stagnation and declining growth for everyone. 1,043 more words


The hypocrisy of the government: "Tell us your O-Level results!"

Forget what the government has been telling you. Your grades, all the way from you O-Level grades, matter. Especially to the government.

A friend of mine has been a debating coach for a while. 525 more words

Things I Care About

A Meritocracy?

Over winter break, I played a game on my Nintendo 3DS called Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker. Yeah… the name is a mouthful, but I assure you, the game is a chock-full. 268 more words


Giftedness and the Myth of Meritocracy

“I have a notebook in the back of my closet with my life plan written in it,” she tells me.  At fourteen the path is clear: which courses she will need in high school, the university she will attend, the research she plans on completing as well as the place she will eventually live. 616 more words

ccFLO Messing With The Bull Horn Christians

Yours truly getting in the mist of the Abrahamistic fog in order to shine a light around at the gates of a Tool Concert in Tulsa. 37 more words

The Catalyst

Free/Fair? Or: A Somewhat Bizarre Request to Fellow Harvard Alums

Hey, fellow Harvard alums: This year, when you get a ballot for the Harvard Board of Overseers Election in the snail-mail, instead of throwing it away without looking at it: don’t. 2,265 more words

2016 Oscar Nominations, Racism or Just How It Goes

I want to start this by saying that Alan Rickman never won and Oscar.  Leo DiCaprio may win one this year, but he has not yet won one, either.   668 more words