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The philosophy behind inequality

There are several moments while I’m reading a journal article or textbook where I’m just so taken aback by what I read that I need a moment to process it…that’s what I’m experiencing with following piece: 459 more words


Sickness and Humanity

My life right now is one of isolation.

I live at home with my parents. I don’t work or volunteer. I don’t do anything for other people. 349 more words


The First Job Dilemma (Or Welcome to the Hyper-Meritocracy)

There was a kilo of white powder resting in a plate on the kitchen table. An empty cigar tube rested next to it. Judging by the grooves, the tube had been used to rake the powder to resemble a mini zen garden. 2,553 more words


The Problems With Grammar Schools

It has been recently brought to public attention that, under Theresa May’s new Conservative government, grammar schools appear to be back on the agenda. Having attended a selective school and been through the application process (successfully), I will now explain why such schools have multiple flaws, and why I think that the expansion of grammar schools is a fundamental mistake. 1,287 more words

What sort of "Meritocracy" would a libertarian endorse, if he had to?

The first attempt to answer this question should say: “none.” Notwithstanding that this is the correct approach, we can’t help but feel uneasy about it. Libertarians have had to deal with this uncomfortable truth for so long. 3,362 more words


Do we need a meritocracy?

I have waited for the dust to settle a little before writing this.

Like the families in a community version of Romeo and Juliet, people gather to the left and right of politics. 235 more words

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