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Why Meritocracy Is Flawed

It is past dark in Singapore, a prosperous island-nation along the Straits, South East Asia. The year is 2018. As the streetlights illuminate the near-impeccably maintained pavement at regular intervals, a dark figure hurries along the streets. 1,235 more words

Dynastic Wealth

Boys Dressed as Girls Run Faster Than Girls Shocker.

Sport was the last bastion of true meritocracy & egalitarianism. No longer. “Progressives” are determined to prove that it is ideology not biology that determines gender. 52 more words


A Cloud of Imperial Hubris

Tirelessly, Tom Englehardt works to raise our consciousness and tweak our conscience as citizens of an imperial war state. At TomDispatch.com, he offers a regular antidotal drip of posts by thoughtful and insightful critics of militarism. 585 more words


thinking about meritocracy in open source communities

There has been a trend in open source development culture over the past ten years or so. It is the rejection of ‘meritocracy’. Just now, I saw this… 1,219 more words

Hacker Culture

“American meritocracy has thus become precisely what it was invented to combat,” Markovits concluded, “a mechanism for the dynastic transmission of wealth and privilege across generations.

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From Prison to Postgraduate

From Prison to Postgraduate – One of these things I knew was going to happen and lets just say I didn’t even know what a university was, really, until I was in my mid twenties. 980 more words