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Time to Aspire

There are many things that I would like to change in the world. At the top of the list is inequality – the thing that stops most people being free to aspire. 171 more words


Do Your Best: The Failings of a Meritocratic Society

Every day of our lives we are told to ‘do our best’ and ‘try our hardest’ and I will not dispute that hard work and discipline is needed for anyone to succeed in any field. 397 more words

Working toward gender equality

There are a lot of things that hold us back from working in a meritocracy. There are a lot of things that hold us back from even just having gender equality at work and there are a lot of things that we can do about it. 121 more words


Divergence into the "Manosphere"

The best ideas of the “manosphere” with a bonus guide on how to be a patriarchal overlord.

One of the benefits of saying extreme things is you will get extreme responses and the opportunity to learn the opposition’s side fast. 2,060 more words

Human Nature

On meritocracy...

This is why a system based on meritocracy doesn’t work – because not everyone lives in equal circumstances and life just happens. All it takes is a string of disasters and the lack of a supporting network for your life to crumble down in a system that prizes meritocracy.

Article here.


Of Mountains and Meritocracies Final

So what do I draw from this tale of real life?

As I mentioned in a past post, meritocracies have been on my mind for the last several months. 997 more words


Nepotism and Meritocracy

The Farnese family was an influential family in Renaissance Italy. Its most important members included Pope Paul III and Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, while, while the titles of Duke of Parma and… 28 more words

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