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Does favoritism exist when hiring in Oslo?

Yes, also in Oslo, certainly one of the homelands of meritocracy, the possibilities to find a job as soon as possible may depend on… 206 more words

First Job

The shared society and the myth of meritocracy

Theresa May made a revealing foray into the world of ‘blue-skies’ policy thinking at the weekend with the publication of a Sunday Telegraph article in which she described her mission to tackle ‘some of the burning injustices’ that ‘undermine the solidarity of our society’ through the creation of ‘the shared society’. 1,172 more words

Meritocratic hubris/ Who defines "meritocracy"

Michael J Sandel teaches political philosophy at Harvard University. He recently wrote something perceptive:

The relentless emphasis on seeking a fair meritocracy, in which social positions reflect effort and talent, has a morally corrosive effect on the way we interpret our success (or lack thereof).

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Can you have a shared society without homogeneity?

Historically, it’s doubtful.

Diversity+Proximity = War


“But our mission to build a stronger, fairer Britain goes further. For while the obvious injustices often receive a lot of attention – after all, politicians have been talking the language of social justice and social mobility for years – the everyday injustices that ordinary working class families feel are too often overlooked.”

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A New Aristocracy: The Case for Eugenics

The idea that the ruling classes of this planet form in any way an ‘aristocracy’ is a notion based on a backwards understanding of what the word means. 1,729 more words

Is income inequality always a bad thing?

Income inequality is on the rise. Many economists and analysts take it as given that inequality does economic harm. But for something that has become conventional wisdom, there is surprisingly little evidence to make a definitive case that income inequality is bad for the economy. 690 more words