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Meritocracy equal opportunity

Selection criteria, capability

Interpretation rules and regulations

Impartiality, institution legislation

Popular rules disregard minority

Democratic utopian favours majority

Disparity within survival sanctity

Marginalised, disruptions, inevitability


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Trout Fisting In America #12 - Meritocracy

Every motivational speaker, every Ted Talker, every successful person, can take their positivist bullshit and shove it right up their protestant sphincter. To pretend we live in a meritocracy, a land where the harder you work the more you succeed, is to reveal yourself as either a propagandist or a fool. 1,062 more words

Trout Fisting In America

More than a Grab Bag Candy Game: Citing Social Capital

“Did I tell you my mother, she never did stop dancing?”

“Yes. You told me. And mine, she never got well.”

Roberta lifted her hands from the tabletop and covered her face with her palms.

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And In My Eyes, Too

Why Poverty Is Like a Disease

A must-read.  It will change how you look at poverty and meritocracy.

Why Poverty Is Like a Disease

Emerging science is putting the lie to American meritocracy… 4,209 more words


On why racism is still ingrained in th Western world

“ …anti-blackness is usually not overt. It no longer hangs plainly on the front door of a restaurant reading “whites only”; it is cloaked in neoliberal colourblindness and post-racialism. 96 more words

The Guardian

“It is the policy of the Government of the United States to encourage full participation in the National Defense program by all citizens, regardless of race, creed, color, or national origin, in the firm belief that the democratic way of life within the nation can be defended successfully only with the help and support of all groups within its borders.

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The Ethics of Grading (About Grades, Part 2)

Grading is a method to measure students’ performance while the type of grading system employed is a representation of its underlying educational ethics. The more simple the grading system, the more simple the assertions of graders about the graded. 1,268 more words

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