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That Question

Nothing stops me being completely delighted when I hear news that any lovely person is to become a parent. Obviously then, I was quite stoked upon reading the news Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand PM, is expecting her first baby. 479 more words

In Order to Became a Reality Rather Than A Lie, Meritocracy ...

The mindset, meritocracy, implies people get what they deserve … yet, as with many philosophies born under the auspices of the “Disrespect Philosophy,” meritocracy is merely a concept and the reality a fallacy. 86 more words

Millennials are more perfectionist than other generations, but it's not their fault

If you’re a professional of a certain age, you may have noticed young recruits arriving at your company seemingly more gung-ho, more eager, more fastidious, with every passing year. 748 more words

Debets: The UFC Screwed Robert Whittaker

So there you have it. After one solitary month, Ultimate Fighting middleweight titleholder Georges St. Pierre is no more, relinquishing the belt he won at UFC 217 and elevating interim titlist  101 more words


Race, Ideas & Meritocracy: A Lesson from Genghis Khan

I apologize about the audio in this video. I was sick when I recorded, and did my best to try and make it audible. In this video I share my views on the controversial subject of race, and explain how I believe meritocracy is what matters, regardless of racial demographics. 349 more words


True Meritocracy

The world is a crazy place.  It’s probably always been a crazy place, but something’s different right now.  Something’s starting to boil over.

A war is being waged between how things have been done, and how they could be done.  1,941 more words

Challenge The Status Quo

Book review: Against Meritocracy. Culture, Power and Myths of Mobility by Jo Littler

Book review: Against Meritocracy. Culture, Power and Myths of Mobility by Jo Littler
by Ian Sinclair
Peace News
December 2017-January 2018

The concept of meritocracy – “a system structured around advancement of people who are selected on the basis of individual achievement” – has been a powerful idea in post-war industrialised societies, especially in the more economically unequal US and UK. 434 more words