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Fake degrees, a form of resistance?

The thoughts in this article are all my own, but informed by ongoing conversations made popular by BBC’s the Documentary Podcast and CBC’s Marketplace.

Written by Patience Adamu… 468 more words

A new idea for me on meritocracy

I was listening to this TEDtalk yesterday on a kinder idea of success by Alain de Botton. There was a lot to consider and he was very good at presenting a viewpoint that was not his instinctive viewpoint, but instead something that he has come to realise is a better way. 314 more words

Personal Stuff

“The College Process Is a Meritocracy” Says Double Legacy Student

Cornelius Princeton ‘18, eight-generation legacy at an unnamed prestigious Ivy-league university, bragged on Tuesday about how his high school accomplishments truly had been exceptional to earn him a spot in said institution. 96 more words

Issue #3

Meritocracy? … mehhh

There is an interesting episode of the Majority Report hosted by Sam Seder, where he talks with Patrick Deneen on his book “Why Liberalism Failed“. During the interview Seder mentions, or hints at, the pitfalls of meritocracy. 617 more words


The Flaws of Meritocracy

In the past, and even today, it was common in hierarchical or traditional societies for the sons and, to a lesser extent, the daughters of prominent individuals to succeed to their parent’s position merely on the basis of familial relatedness. 2,217 more words

Act II: Free-Market Folly: Why Economics Is Not A Science

The Sympathy Vote



I’ll probably catch a lot of heck for writing this, but it’s been said if you want the right to freedom of expression, this includes the right to offend someone. 834 more words

Dark Ages

Unconscious Bias

We are all a sum of the way we have been brought up As we grow older, what we think gets shaped by our experiences of our younger days, lessons that we learnt  from our elders, our exposures and our value systems. 121 more words