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On the Meritocracy and How Far it Should Go

I believe in meritocracies, meaning that I believe that in general our society should function such that jobs and positions are filled on the basis of one’s skill in said job. 2,099 more words

Meritocratical Musing

Most of us aren’t homophobic, we’re homobored. We don’t care about your sexuality. Why would we? Your sexuality does not define it. Just like your race doesn’t. 22 more words


The Age of Self Promotion

When a person’s image and/or reputation is inflated, sometimes people lament, “Big hat, no cattle.” A lot of people today, like the President of the United States, excel at promoting themselves more than anything else. 242 more words


On how parents should act in a meritocracy

“ …while parents have every right to act in ways that will help their children’s lives go well, they do not have the right to confer on them a competitive advantage – in other words, to ensure not just that they do well but that they do better than others. 34 more words

The Guardian

Thursday, 13th July 2017

There is a set of historical developments that is used to describe ‘a period of extraordinary change’ or similar: everything is rising (literacy, the individual, meritocracy, the middle class, the franchise, technology, life expectancy), except religion, which is declining. 40 more words


Education, meritocracy, and being working class

*WARNING* I don’t really care if this post makes me out to be a class warrior- I never really thought class mattered until I came to university. 1,690 more words

In Response to Paul Ryan:

Stop Perpetuating the Myth Of American Meritocracy.

Yesterday, in honor of July 4th, Paul Ryan tweeted, “In America, there is no limit to what you can do with your life. 856 more words