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Jobs, jobs, and less jobs

Are we puppets on a string? It is striking that the would-be Presidents on the Right (whether “establishment moderate” or conservative) are all promising more “jobs” to the electorate, while entirely ignoring the labor question (assertions of exploitation, the nature of toil, labor competition between ethnicities, “races”  and genders) that has roiled the world since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. 329 more words


Freedom vs. Equality

The worst arguments are when both people are right.

As a pastor, I see these kinds of arguments all the time in marriage counseling, board meetings and conflict resolution.   502 more words


Scrapping the Scorn: Rethinking Attitudes Towards the Poor

Since moving to London earlier this year the issue of poverty and homelessness in the UK has become more apparent to me then ever before. It’s not that I was naïve to the problem before relocating, more that it seems to exist here on a much larger scale and is therefore more noticeable and more disturbing. 1,351 more words


All in the FamiLee

Associated words used by netizens: FamiLEE, LEE-gime and Marry-tocracy.

I was very curious about a Lee Family Tree graphic that was created by Alternative View SG… 2,126 more words

Singapore Politics

Living the American Dream isn't only for the privileged

By definition, having privilege is seen as an advantage in life. Privilege comes in many forms ranging from what family situation or race you were born into to how much money you make to even where you got your college degree. 862 more words

Why do we love royalty?

When most of us live in democracies or at least come from the western tradition of the equality and empowerment of the individual person, why do we consistently elevate and idealise kings and queens? 642 more words

The Art Of Narrative

Book Review: Hard Choices

The opening line of this book is as follows:

“Singapore’s economic success masks some uncomfortable truths about life in this city-state.”

The text is very neatly organised into three sections:

724 more words