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Gender Equality as an Innovation Challenge

Tedx Talk by Sarah Kaplan  of the University of Toronto Rotman School

This is not strictly speaking about tech but this does connect to the issues that occur also  in tech.   103 more words

Book: Strangers in Their Own Land (2016)


Why do people who need environmental protection call for the killing of the EPA? This book explores this contradiction. In doing so, it talks about the suffering that deregulation has caused in coastal Louisiana, and portrays the attitudes that allow it to keep happening. 3,785 more words

Book Synopses

Reading Response # 3

Meritocracy or classism is one’s position within the system where this positionality helps one group to oppress others. In the system, one group holds the power because it possesses merit. 488 more words

ECS 110

António Reis

“A sorte procura-se e eu encontrei a Agentocracy”

Antonio Reis, um jovem aspirante a músico profissional, concluiu o 8º grau de piano pelo Conservatório Nacional de Musica de Lisboa e anda à procura de um reduto neste mundo competitivo e voraz da música (em Portugal sobretudo). 116 more words



Meritocracy equal opportunity

Selection criteria, capability

Interpretation rules and regulations

Impartiality, institution legislation

Popular rules disregard minority

Democratic utopian favours majority

Disparity within survival sanctity

Marginalised, disruptions, inevitability


Human & Life

Underemployment in the Good Old Days

When people reminisce about the old days when everything worked well, it’s partly because when women and non-white people can’t advance into high-level jobs no matter how smart they are, you wind up with really smart people doing underpaid or unpaid work. 82 more words

Why We Fight