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Part 1, 1. Meritocracy and Meritocratic Principles (by Lena Kraus)

1. Meritocracy and Meritocratic Principles

1.1. Meritocracy

The Fontana Dictionary of Modern Thought defines Meritocracy as “government by those regarded as possessing merit; Merit is equated with intelligence-plus-effort” (1988, p.521). 1,310 more words


Meritocratic Principles in Three Coming of Age Novels (by Lena Kraus)

This is my B. A. Thesis. I wrote it about a year ago, in 2015. 
To make it a bit more digestible, I'll seperate it by topics and make a few individual posts.. 589 more words

Meritocratic Principles in To Kill a Mockingbird (by Lena Kraus)

4. To Kill a Mockingbird

Although on the first glance, meritocratic principles play a smaller role in Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, a closer look at the best-selling novel yields convincing results. 1,805 more words


Is UK Democracy Under Threat?

I have argued elsewhere that the present outpouring of emotion from the recent referendum losing side is, in one sense, to be expected. It is part of the normal grief process.   1,020 more words


Searching for Freedom

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In a meritocracy, the established values and institutional functioning is based on one’s merit, abilities and personal talents or ‘winning’ characteristics. 1,314 more words


Nature isn't magic, it's just a mystery to us

I went to see case/lang/veirs last week, basically just out of loyalty to one particular part of that equation (go on, guess). It was a solid show, especially for being the second time they’d ever performed. 2,570 more words


Millennial men consider females inferior, whatever proof

I invoke broken clock. Exceptional case of the feminists hitting on something true.


The most misogynistic men I ever met IRL claimed to be male feminists. 652 more words