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Death & Meritocracy: an honest, disordered essay (2am ramblings)

Death is serious. Death is terrible. Death is definitely fucking painful, unless it’s instantaneous, which is only possible with a gun, but the silence afterward is what we strive for I guess. 512 more words


‘The Lady’s Not for Turning’: Political U-turns and why they matter

On 10 October 1980, Margaret Thatcher delivered a speech that would change the way we think about political decision-making for the foreseeable future. Speaking at the Conservative Party Conference in Brighton, she uttered the words: ‘You turn if you want to. 632 more words

Think Pieces

Our Roots Keep Us Down

I’ve often wondered whether or not the American education system is a meritocracy or not. At first glance it really seems to be as such. You work hard in school, make it to a good college, network well, and you’ll probably do well financially. 270 more words

Home 'Sweet' Home?: Academic Stress in Singapore

In late August 2016, I took my first long leave from Singapore and embarked on my University education in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. I had spent 15 years of my life in Singapore after having moved there with my family at the tender age of 4. 3,304 more words


SMRT: Why Desmond must go

That SMRT has asked staff to own-up to lapses without being penalised before a detailed audit is carried out is very worrying. The implication is that SMRT’s senior management is worried that the falsification of records on the maintenance of a tunnel is not the work of “a few rotten apples”. 311 more words


‘Learning to say NO!’ Part of the Relationship with Business Series: Living in a Meritocracy

Sometimes in life, there’s times when you simple have to say ‘NO!’ From turning down opportunities to preventing yourself getting raped, no is a very powerful word. 42 more words

Institute Updates

‘Credentialism’ a by-product of meritocracy

(Source: www.todayonline.com)

In the report, “Overemphasis on credentials could hobble country’s success: Heng” (Oct 30), former Education Minister Heng Swee Keat noted that countries with an overemphasis on academic qualifications ended up not being able to fully utilise the talents of their people. 273 more words

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