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Misjudgement, Chapter 2

“Arthur!” There was only one time Merlin knew he could barge into the prince’s chambers in such a way. Fortunately for him, Arthur knew that too. 513 more words


Misjudgement, Chapter 1

Merlin watched as Arthur spoke quietly with a chambermaid before sending her on her way with a gold coin clutched in her hand. She bobbed a curtsey, stumbling over her thanks until Arthur gently prompted her into moving, his face soft and caring. 829 more words


Whisper of Doubt

“Where have you been this time, Merlin, meeting another girl?”

Merlin rolled his eyes, hoping the pile of laundry balanced high in his arms would be enough to conceal his actions from his master. 517 more words


The Lost Magic, Chapter 22

“Arthur? Arthur, where are you?”

Even to himself, Merlin’s voice sounded distant and small. There was no answer. He had no idea if Arthur just hadn’t heard him or was unable to respond. 767 more words


The Lost Magic, Chapter 21

“Merlin, stop it.”

“It’s not me,” Merlin protested, ducking as another piece of clothing seemed to fly across the room on its own accord. Luckily, Arthur had thought to lock the door behind them when they had returned to his chambers earlier that day. 1,089 more words


The Lost Magic, Chapter 20

Merlin crept along, holding his breath as the flickering torches threatened to reveal his presence. He knew when Arthur had asked to use his magic it was because the prince had no intention of letting his servant go as well. 972 more words


The Lost Magic, Chapter 19

“You can’t hand him over to your father,” Merlin declared, taking one look at Arthur’s face and knowing what he was thinking. They had returned swiftly to Arthur’s rooms, the prince setting the pace at such a speed Merlin just knew he was desperately trying to process what he had just witnessed. 552 more words