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Man Flu

“I wasn’t joking when I said I wasn’t going back in there,” Merlin protested, staring at the bottle Gaius was trying to press into his hand. 614 more words


Worried Woodworm

Arthur found he was watching Merlin closely as they returned from their expedition. He would never admit to it, and knew if any of their friends had noticed they wouldn’t dare say anything. 747 more words


Flight of Freedom, Chapter 20

Arthur was exhausted.

He didn’t think he had ever been this exhausted, and that was with roaming the streets night after night while being completely on edge when he was back with the gang. 541 more words


Flight of Freedom, Chapter 19

There had been many times throughout his life that Arthur had been scared of something. But never before did he recall having nerves as badly as he did right now, and that was even when he realised that Cendred had been serious in his offer about taking Arthur under his wing when he left the care system. 867 more words