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Heart of the Storm, Chapter 1

For all of Arthur’s teasing about him being a girl, Merlin couldn’t help but gasp when the heaven’s suddenly opened. A storm had been brewing since dawn, and now he was out in the middle of a forest with no way of sheltering from it, it had decided to hit. 683 more words


Protection, Chapter 10

Merlin couldn’t sleep.


He knew he should be able to. He was home, he was safe and more importantly, both his mother and Arthur were safe. 1,457 more words



Where would my Merlin dolls be without the once and future king, Arthur Pendragon? 133 more words


Protection, Chapter 9

It was dark when Merlin awoke again. He could feel that he was warm and comfortable, although pain still lanced through his body. He felt a little too hot, however, and as he tried to move he realised there was a blanket covering him. 776 more words


Protection, Chapter 8

The cell seemed to go icy cold as it was plunged into darkness and Merlin could feel an icy wind whipping around them. Something told him that despite Cenred being the king, Morgause was the one truly in charge. 536 more words


Protection, Chapter 7

Merlin came round to the sensation of moving. To start with, he wondered if he was dreaming but as sharp pain lanced through his foot as it caught on something, he knew it was actually happening. 752 more words


Protection, Chapter 6

The only thing that stopped Merlin screaming at them to stop it and leave Arthur alone was the fact that he knew Arthur could withstand pain. 694 more words