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Flight of Freedom, Chapter 7

His feet pounded the pavement in a way they had never done before as Arthur ran. He knew that he had no choice but to get back before Gilli and Alvarr did. 537 more words


Flight of Freedom, Chapter 5

Merlin let his hands skitter over the book he was holding, swallowing hard. It took every ounce of his self-control not to look towards the door, not to appear as if he was just waiting for a certain young man to walk in. 571 more words


Heart of the Storm, Chapter 2

The journey back to Camelot was one of the longest Merlin thought he had ever experienced. Arthur didn’t seem to be talking, but Merlin was convinced it wasn’t out of anger. 596 more words


Heart of the Storm, Chapter 1

For all of Arthur’s teasing about him being a girl, Merlin couldn’t help but gasp when the heaven’s suddenly opened. A storm had been brewing since dawn, and now he was out in the middle of a forest with no way of sheltering from it, it had decided to hit. 683 more words


Protection, Chapter 10

Merlin couldn’t sleep.


He knew he should be able to. He was home, he was safe and more importantly, both his mother and Arthur were safe. 1,457 more words



Where would my Merlin dolls be without the once and future king, Arthur Pendragon? 133 more words


Protection, Chapter 9

It was dark when Merlin awoke again. He could feel that he was warm and comfortable, although pain still lanced through his body. He felt a little too hot, however, and as he tried to move he realised there was a blanket covering him. 776 more words