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Protection, Chapter 3

“What’s your name, boy?”

Merlin didn’t answer. He glared up at Cenred before continuing to try and lean back to avoid the dagger pressed against his neck. 595 more words


Emerald green, fit for a Queen

The more I look at this gown, the more I want to try to create it. Look at the flowing sleeves – and the embroidered detailing at her waist and upper arms! 38 more words


Protection, Chapter 2

Merlin managed to free Arthur from the cuffs, not being sure if he was supposed to be offended or not by the disbelieving snort that escaped the prince when his wrist fell free. 443 more words


Gwen's gown

Having decided on a gown for Gwen, I poked through my colors for the right shade of purple.

went with colour to the left of the cream thread – DMC 340. 68 more words


Another purple gown

After some discussion with trusted sources and a fair bit of google searching, I decided on a purple gown of Gwen’s from season four of… 53 more words


Gwen - Inspiration

I’ve decided to do a set of dolls of the main characters of the BBC series Merlin. I’ve made Gwen and Morgana’s bodies and now am trying to decide how to dress them, starting with Gwen. 63 more words


Protection, Chapter 1

As soon as he had been taken from the room, Merlin found that he was struggling in earnest. He knew Arthur had also been dragged to his feet, but he could hear the prince yelling behind him. 820 more words