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mermaids under water

I don’t know if it’s instinct or my own version of motherhood, but I tend to see joint experiences through my daughter’s eyes first, then mine. 180 more words

June - July 2016: Scenes from my sketchbook

The Husband has been reading a lot of Slavic mythology lately (he has Ukrainian ancestry but a lot of the family history was lost after his grandfather was released from a prisoner of war camp after World War II and migrated to Australia, and so The Husband’s been tapping into his cultural heritage through studying traditional mythology, which I think is super awesome), and noticed a lot of mermaid themes. 133 more words


The Unicorn in Clariodus

Clariodus: A Metrical Romance is a peculiar poem. The author is unknown and the poem was probably based on the French work entitled Cleriadus et Meliadice… 355 more words

The Mermaid Bow Pack!

We are doing something new and exciting with some fun new summery styles!

We are doing a special Mermaid Bow Pack, where you get one of each of the bows pictured above for only $20! 49 more words


The Music And The Mermaid (Part A)

The little mermaid took the colorful dress from the large metal closet and the tiny notebook that she was keeping inside a huge shell. Both items were tightly wrapped with plastic membrane in order to be preserved dry in the bottom of the sea. 2,058 more words


A First Perfume Review!

I’m truly embarrassed and shocked at my negligent behavior.  I forgot to share my first ever perfume review here.

Clearly, my marketing skills need improvement. 102 more words