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I want to drown in the rain
Swim in the lake until it swallows me whole
Mermaids can drag me down into the weeds
and wrap my ankles with the leaves… 89 more words


SIFF Review: The Lure

Mermaid stories have never been the most feminist of folktales. They’re either presented as evil temptresses with the sole intent of luring men to their doom, or as lonely creatures who are themselves drawn to land by a strange man, never hesitating to give up everything to be with someone who barely registers their existence. 41 more words


I went to Neverland...

A few months ago, I heard about a photography retreat being hosted by some of the best known names in the child photography industry: Katie Andelman; Robin Chavez; Stephanie Lemmon (to name just three of them). 110 more words

Los Angeles Child Photographer

The Mermaid Experience - Chapter 37

June 4

The mermaids quickly slipped into a routine of practicing their show in the morning, followed by an afternoon alone.  On most days Carlos would eat dinner in the dining room, alone except for his server.  2,376 more words


Waves And Underwater MYSTERIES!

Chapter 12

“Oh, oh!” squeaked Hermy putting his hand up. “Uhh!” groaned Pearl as she slapped her hand across her forehead. “Do I have to have such an annoying brother?!?!” she half-thought half-groaned. 200 more words


Siren's Song, Pt. 2

She danced along the treetops of the kelp forest. Her words were a song of long lost lovers and sinking ships. But now, caught in the net of a fisherman’s boat, her voice choked on water. 83 more words

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