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How To Decorate Mermaid Tails

Tranducir a Español

Learn how to decorate cute Mermaid Tails, ideal for a birthday party! 143 more words

Tutorial English

Clash of Tides - Mermaids

This was originally two stock photos, but I cut out the mermaid and put her in this scene. My goal for this was to show a mermaid sitting next to a waterfall. 68 more words


EMERGE by Tobie Easton: YA Fantasy with Humor and Heart

Imagine being a teenager who has to deal with the challenges of not one but two societies: human and Mer.

EMERGE is a fun, unexpected read that adds some major twists to the classic Hans Christian Anderson tale: “The Little Mermaid.” For someone who grew up with Disney’s  415 more words

I've Found My Kryptonite, Guys

Ok guys.

I am not an impulse buyer at all. Like, so much so that I window shop, agonize over the price of something big or small, look at it for a few days, go back and forth, back and forth about whether not I should buy it, try not to think about it for a week, but really think about it for a week, am like “OK I’m gonna do it I’ma buy this stuff” then all through check out am like AHHH AHHH I’m doing it I’m buying it dear Lord what am I doing AHHH and then it only winds up being 20 dollars and I’m like why am I freaking out so much about purchasing this I have issues. 328 more words

Jewelry Making

35. Mermaid in Chelsea Creek, by Michelle Tea

I have a soft spot for Michelle Tea, because of her debut novel/memoir The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America, which I somehow read when it came out in 1998. 472 more words