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The planet was rolling on its elongated orbit around the warm, bright yellow star. It was a world split between a gently rocking ocean, a large expanse of land and a galaxy of scattered islands. 13,447 more words



I can’t say I’ve ever been poisoned by love
Like you have
I’ve never crashed and burned so bad
Don’t know what that’s all about… 270 more words


the river...

the core issue of infancy is trust v mistrust…some lovers are infantsthe river….


pictures that say it for me...

Mermaids sing. It is what they do. You cannot turn a mermaid into a crab.  You can try to put a canary in a cage, but it still sings, it is still a canary. 8 more words


Dancing in white

I am ocean bound

all waves and deep blue darkness

tugging at my feet in foamy wonder

I was once young and like a mermaid… 214 more words



I recently purchased a cheap dry erase board, and on it wrote: “Please post blog topics.” Sure enough, one of my roommate’s took the bate, and now I have to do a post about “Mermicorns,” the only mythical beast that is suitable for aquatic travel by The Great Leader, Kim Jung Un! 227 more words


Events for the Week March 30th ~ April 5th

Events for the Week March 30th ~ April 5th

Monday March 30th

2-3 pm slt Ceci Dover live
This sultry lady sings the blues like no other. 925 more words