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Coming Soon: Masters of the Universe Pop!s

Pop! Masters of the Universe

The newest wave of Masters of the Universe Pop! is here!

This series features Battle Armor He-Man and Battle Armor Skeletor, also the ruler beneath the sea Merman! 65 more words


My Doctor, the Fishman

The monster let out an answering scream and jumped back away from me. “What the hell?” it grumbled.

I paused. “…What did you say?”

“Geez, I was just coming to check on you,” the creature said, shaking out what must have been its ears. 1,028 more words

The Story

Fountain Photography in Italy

The country of Italy is a treasure trove of flowing fonts beautifully carved out of stone. These are some of the best ones I captured in my traveling to Rome and Assisi. 111 more words


What do you call a group of Merfolk?

A pod? A school? A shoal?
A dance? A glimmer?

These are the questions you find yourself trying to answer when writing Lore/Fantasy.

Image courtesy of 1d4chan.org


Hunk Halloween Merman Ornament

Nothing says Christmas and family tradition like this creepy hunky Halloween merman ornament. Santa may put you on the naughty list for getting this.

Grab yours here! 26 more words

"Break Free From Your Shell"

We live on the ground but have we ever thought what happens in the underground? I don’t mean about earth, but water. Yes, water! There were you only think about fish and chips with extra ketchup, in the other side of this nonsense thinking, in the side that has actually has sense, there is a magical portal to the great magical dimension of mermans and mermaids.

134 more words

The Avilion Arts Festival returns ~

The Avilion Arts Festival returns ~

The second annual Avilion Harvest Arts Festival will take place from September 15th to 17th showcasing Avilion talent and delighting in the company of other invited performers. 49 more words

Second Life