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The Prisoner Under The Sea

The sea roiled.  The sky flashed.  Thunder cracked the air.  And the sturdiest vessel that Locke had ever served aboard listed and toppled.  Not two hours before, his greatest worry had been that the special item he had acquired at great cost and effort would not get lost or stolen.  7,125 more words


The Wicked Merman (Monstrous Tales #4) by Kelly Apple - Bout of Books 13 Review

When her friend drags her off to the lake for some much needed R&R, Ari thought she’d be getting away from supernaturals for a few days. 231 more words

オレん家のフロ事情 (Orenchi no Furo Jijou) Episode 11 Review

Guess who got a raise and regretted that he informed his housemate.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! 371 more words


Bound A-Z: C is for Cave Fairies & Creatures

Here comes a post that makes me wish I were a better artist.

Cave fairies were introduced in Bound when Rowan met Jasper. Actually, I’ll just let her describe him for you: 821 more words


More Patterns Coming Soon!

I’ve been working a lot on getting my Etsy shop updated. There are new sample pictures and more base prices for portrait commissions. I’ve also started selling printable coloring books. 54 more words


Mermadmen by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

“You are not in love, you idiot.  You’re in…” What was the right word?  “Mer-lust.” – Liv Stratton, Mermadmen

 Mermadmen, the second book in paranormal romance author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff’s Mermen trilolgy is just as delightfully twisted as… 386 more words

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