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Fonteyne the Kitchen, traiteur

At Fonteyne, they know how to do it: they choose seasonal ingredients and mix them up to lovely recipes. The first shop was open in 2002 and it was especially known for its poultry and wildfowl meat.   409 more words


Moving to Brussels – Hunt your house down

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for weeks, months even, but after looking hard for my own new apartment I honestly needed a break from house hunting. 1,611 more words


Weekly Bake could make you a millionaire....

Millionaire’s Shortbread.  This should be know as Million Calorie Shortbread and to make matters worse, it’s completely addictive.  You have been warned…

Millionaire’s Shortbread, has the classic Scottish Shortbread base, followed by a layer of oozing sticky caramel and a then layer of chocolate. 207 more words

Eat, drink and be merry...the end of the world is nigh!

Less than two weeks to Christmas, but only 9 days till the End of the World (apparently)….hmmm, decisions, decisions….

Oh never mind, either way you’ve got the perfect excuse to eat as much as you possibly can in the shortest possible amount of time. 375 more words

Who ate all the pies?

Well, you actually…

Yes, you my lovely customers.  The Bramley Apple Pie went down such a storm, I thought I’d do some more for this week’s Weekly Bake.   186 more words

Is it a tart? Is it a cake? No, it's another Weekly Bake....

First on the list of Weekly Bakes this week is my version of the world famous (in England) Bakewell Tart.  In fact,  the Bakewell Tart is so well known in England that it’s town of origin, the Derbyshire town of Bakewell, has built up an entire tourist industry around this delicious pastry.   251 more words

Edible worms....

Here’s a quick post – another Birthday Cake from The English Baker.  Lily always has a chocolate hedgehog cake for her birthday (actually it’s the Mikado sticks she really likes).   66 more words