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Inappropriate Interest

A few days ago, I watched the film, “Beautiful Girls.” Natalie Portman (“Marty”) played a 13-year-old, and Timothy Hutton (“Willy”) played a 28-year-old (my estimate). 542 more words


Word of the day for Wednesday, November 7th

Well, I don’t know. I don’t feel like talking politics today. I just don’t. Let’s go to Scotland. Let’s learn a word for pig. It would be great if that word were something fun sounding like… 26 more words


Word Wednesday

Today’s word is convalesce. (See last week’s definition of sanatorium.)

Convalesce means “to become healthy and strong again after illness or weakness.”

In a sentence, I suppose the appropriate way to use the word would be to say, “After a bout with the flu, I am… 18 more words



Friday evening…No it was Saturday morning, somehow the energy and enthusiasm of Deepavali was off.  Crackling debates on firecrackers were on, some say it’s wrong and the others ask what’s wrong. 745 more words


Word Wednesday

Today’s word is sanatorium:

1 : an establishment that provides therapy combined with a regimen (as of diet and exercise) for treatment or rehabilitation… 47 more words


In Praise of the Dictionary

When I teach writing to young students, one of the first things I tell them is that I keep a dictionary by my side when I read. 714 more words

Word Wednesday

My boss has used the word obstreperous several times when referring to one of my employees. Without even knowing what the word actually meant, I could tell (based on my employee’s characteristic) that it meant seriously stubborn. 53 more words