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Frights, Flights and Friday Night Lights

Last month, we shared all things Pumpkin Spice and while we’re still savoring that delicious and popular flavor, it’s time to move into October and talk about fun, seasonal activities taking place in Merriam and across Kansas City! 289 more words

History Lesson on Why English in England is different from US English

I came across this well-written article by Lauren Davis. She does an excellent job of explaining why English in the U.S. is different than in England. 1,956 more words


I am a Professional

We often hear phrases such as, “Be professional, you’ll need it in work”, “She’s/He’s a professional, so be professional too”, and “You’ll never get anywhere without professionalism”. 382 more words

Traitor by Merriam

You look at me like I have betrayed you. Have I? Or have I only betrayed the expectations you had of the person you wanted me to be? 519 more words


Melancholy by Merriam

The teardrop diamond earrings hung from her ears and glistened in the electric light, a hundred reflections dancing on the wall. I have seen perfection, and it was not in the mirror. 279 more words