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Justice by Merriam

Justice has always been your job. Justice and safety, the whole meaning of your position.

Not humiliating people

They say time heals all wounds, but they don’t tell you you’ll be haunted as long as you can still see a scar 314 more words


Research Journal 8

After reading over Merriam’s “Sample Selection” it helped a great deal with explaining the next step. There are two types of sampling; probability and non-probability sampling. 289 more words

Joy by Merriam

I sit across from you, silently ruining our afternoon, occupied with thoughts of my own destruction. My mind has always been a dark place. It’s not as if you walked in and turned off the lights. 272 more words


Research Journal 6: Merriam

Merriam’s “Why Review the Literature” explains how performing a literature review can be extremely beneficial to the study at hand and make the research more efficient. 325 more words

Research Journal 6

A literature review helps validate a sources reliability through checking prior research about what has happened. Through comparison and contrasting it can be determined whether the questionable event was indeed true or not.   289 more words

Journal 6: Merriam

Summary of Merriam’s Literature Review

A literary review is group of viable and reliable resources that help identify and confirm otherwise uncertain phenomenon. The information from the resources gathered can be used to help ascertain compare and explain the unknown. 374 more words