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Research Journal 11: Merriam on Interviewing

Interviews are such an important part when conducting research. Responses from interviewees can be used to better explain and answer your research question and well as give you a personal perspective from someone who is an active participant in the area you are researching. 270 more words

Research Journal 8: Merriam “Sample Selection”

Collecting data is the main ingredient to be able to conduct research according to Merriam. How do we get this data you may ask? It’s simple. 297 more words

Jar by Merriam AlFuhaid

The aspiration, the virtue, the trap
I hold you, but in my hands
I clasp a sealed jar of fireflies
It seems like all I hold… 239 more words


got poetry?

David Kherdian comes home to Racine, WI, and to his boyhood in Root River Return. It’s a mix of poetry and short essays, a combination I find particularly appealing, separated into sections. 943 more words


Methods Franklin Merriam Webster Dictionary Thesaurus downloadable content

Welcome to the spectacular suburb of Kansas City! merriam is a few minutes drive from downtown Kansas. Among the popular destinations of this place are open spaces, recreational joints, parks, and of course, the Merriam self storage warehouses! 233 more words

To market, to market--10 tips to make the most of your farmers' market experience!

While summer is indeed winding down, there’s still plenty of time to enjoy those last moments spent outdoors before the snow and muck sets in. Although I personally enjoy the fall and winter months, I do cherish the final bits and pieces of summer’s offering and especially like to stock up at the local farmers’ market before the vendors close up shop for the season. 607 more words

What is Style?

Hello everyone!

According to merriam-webster.com, “style” is “a way of behaving or of doing things”.

The beautiful thing about style is that everyone can have a different “…way of behaving or doing things”, especially when it comes to fashion. 182 more words