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I am a Professional

We often hear phrases such as, “Be professional, you’ll need it in work”, “She’s/He’s a professional, so be professional too”, and “You’ll never get anywhere without professionalism”. 375 more words

Traitor by Merriam

You look at me like I have betrayed you. Have I? Or have I only betrayed the expectations you had of the person you wanted me to be? 519 more words


Melancholy by Merriam

The teardrop diamond earrings hung from her ears and glistened in the electric light, a hundred reflections dancing on the wall. I have seen perfection, and it was not in the mirror. 279 more words


Franklin BES-2150 Speaking Merriam-Webster Spanish-English and Advanced Learner's English Dictionary (BES-2150) Review | Learn Spanish

“The BES 2150 is the answer to all the shortcomings of its predecessor.” I purchased the BES 2150 instead of the BES 2100 primarily because it has a backlight in the display. 125 more words

Research Journal 12: Merriam on Interviewing

When conducting an interview, Merriam says that it is extremely important to record it. This allows you to go back and analyze what the interviewee is saying. 303 more words

Research Journal 11: Merriam on Interviewing

Interviews are such an important part when conducting research. Responses from interviewees can be used to better explain and answer your research question and well as give you a personal perspective from someone who is an active participant in the area you are researching. 270 more words