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Mark A. Rumble

Do you  know who Mark A. Rumble is?  If you are a turkey hunter, you should.  Mark works for the forest service in South Dakota and has done extensive research on the Merriam’s wild turkey. 120 more words


On the Trail of a Gould's Wild Turkey

Before you get too excited, let me say that the Gould’s Turkeys range over

Mexico, with some scattered  in southern New Mexico.   Chances are that you will travel to Mexico to hunt for this subspecies. 337 more words

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Searching for the Merriam's Turkey

Often called Rocky Mountain turkeys because of their habitat, Merriam’s turkeys prefer to roost in ponderosa pines (in canyons), near creek beds.

States With ONLY Merriam’s: 395 more words

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More Fascinating Facts About Wild Turkeys!

Turkeys of a Feather

Are you aware that young jakes have longer primary feathers in the center of their fan-shaped


In fact that is a way to tell a mature tom from a young jake. 330 more words

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Talkin' Turkey: The Rio Grande & Merriam's Subspecies

Since the Eastern Wild Turkey’s habitat is the largest and they are the bird you are most likely to see, I’ll be comparing the 2 today to the Eastern.   377 more words

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It's that time of year...

at least these guys think so.
Merriam’s Wild Turkey, Meleagris gallopavo merriami