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day 296

jet lag pushed aside. heat warming us through uncomfortably. sometimes you just want to sit there and dangle your feet.

365 Days

Notes from an Old Volvo Driving South to Tahoe for the 4th of July


It’s a country of alfalfa, potato, and cattle around Merrill, Oregon. Western storefronts still standing. The Wild Goose Lodge. Here Mexican food gets good. 328 more words

Lake Tahoe

Episode 138 Barefoot to Boots Part One


In this episode I talk about what types and styles of footwear to wear in the back country. From going barefooted to the Luna Sandals all the way up to heavy mountaineering boots. 89 more words

Casabloga: Where The Sidewalk Ends

It’s been quite some time since I’ve done an older movie. This one is truly a classic, and yet not many have heard of it. … 167 more words


The Land of the Roar, Trumpet & Song

Visiting Jim Corbett national park is a revelation for me after multiple rides to the forests of central India over last two years. I used to consider Kanha national park as one of the most beautiful forests due to its dense forest cover, large grasslands and overall more variety of wildlife than rest of the central Indian forests. 1,464 more words