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Adventure 321 ~ Do Some Research About Mermen

My head got dangerously near exploding point today. The big conversation of the moment is all about the new VAT regulations for supply of digital products in EU members states. 381 more words

Jane Talbot

Aquatic Threats

by Tzevaot Megiddon, Commander of the Coast Guard of Autoch

Lord Commander demanded a report on possible aquatic threats to the western coast of the Empire, and specifically asked “which of the known hostile races can be dangerous to our trade security”. 1,264 more words


morgans, morgens, mari-morgans, and a bit of Morgan Le Fay... m is for mermaid

The Sea Witch sings

And hearts will break

And souls will tear

From flesh and bone

To dance within

The pounding foam

— from The Briar Rose… 233 more words

Pagan Blog Project

Week Nine - Caught on a Train

When I started making a list of to-re-reads, several titles came flooding into my mind. This book was not one of them. I was reminded of it by my best friend Lianna, in this text conversation we had: 460 more words

Age Is Just A Page Number

Merrows - Update!

I finally made some significant progress on my latest digital painting!

I tried to work on using some of the rendering techniques I learned in my chiaroscuro and head drawing classes to make the figure look less flat.  329 more words