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A culinary specialist thinks with his brain on how he will create meals and memories at the same time. Uses his knowledge and expertise to come up with a great meal, not just on the fly but with great flavor. 17 more words

Organic Cleaning

Tent-atively Designing

It’s that time of year when, at least if you are a female and are in the Western world, where the media and other women start to remind you that you need to fit into that special dress. 337 more words

i remember when...

and it’s all like it was only yesterday and i can see and hear everyone laughing and having such a grand time of it just as we did seemingly countless times all across these many years – there we were the better part of an entire family of many lively and primarily irish personalities with not the every one of them necessarily always in agreement with the next one yet in looking back that was absolutely the imperative thread of what made it so exceptionally spirited so much of the time – 252 more words