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une journée mémorable

When in a moment of tranquility,
And thoughts peek through the kaleidoscope
of life with its experiences manifold,
what else is apt than to be with friends, 380 more words


Meant To Be

Do you believe in fate? That things are meant to be? Couple of weeks ago, I gave up my Coldplay ticket in Singapore to a friend. 483 more words


Merrymaking & More

A culinary specialist thinks with his brain on how he will create meals and memories at the same time. Uses his knowledge and expertise to come up with a great meal, not just on the fly but with great flavor. 17 more words

Organic Cleaning

Tent-atively Designing

It’s that time of year when, at least if you are a female and are in the Western world, where the media and other women start to remind you that you need to fit into that special dress. 337 more words