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New World's Biggest Prime Number (PRINTED FULLY ON PAPER) - Numberphile

‘Matt Parker on the latest Mersenne Prime to take the title of “world’s biggest prime”. He had it printed!’

Number Theory

World's Largest Prime Number Discovered by UCM Professor

Professor Curtis Cooper, a professor of computer science at the University of Central Missouri, has discovered the worlds largest known prime number.  This discovery took place on January 7, 2016.   65 more words

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M74207281 is prime!

I’m a bit late to the party, but the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search has recently announced a newly verified prime number, , with a whopping 22,338,618 decimal digits! 220 more words


The University of Central Missouri finds the longest prime number in history

Before you jump with joy thinking the internet is now secure, as per geeky enthusiasts from the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search group, the number is… 283 more words

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Largest Prime!

Breaking news! A few days ago a supercomputer in Missouri discovered the largest known prime number:

It is around 22 million digits long – 5 million digits longer than the previous largest known prime (!), which was discovered January 2013. 205 more words