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Marin Mersenne

Exactly last Tuesday we celebrated Marin Mersenne’s birthday and I got quite excited by everything. So, Marin Mersenne, born on 8th September 1588, was a French theologian, philosopher, mathematician and music theorist. 230 more words

Mathematical Beauty

Mersenne Primes

I was thinking a lot these days about this blog and exactly how I should reorganize this a little. If you follow me on Facebook or Tumblr, I think you are familiar with my new weekly number/mathematician series. 358 more words


Optimus Primes

We all love finding bigger and better prime numbers. Primes are at the core of our natural number system, much like the elements of the periodic table in chemistry. 361 more words

Pure Mathematics


Written by Rene Descartes, translated by Jonathan Bennet.

The Fourth Objection

The Fourth Objections were written by Arnauld who wrote his objections in 1640 and addresses his objections to Mersenne who had solicited them. 3,173 more words


latest interviews on the philosophy of religion(s)

“But is the existence of God just a philosophical question, like, say, the definition of knowledge or the existence of Plato’s forms?” Gary Gutting, NYT…

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New Music: Will & Ink - "Mersenne"

Will & Ink make sweaty techno for sweaty dancers. The Amsterdam based duo of Pieter “Presk” Willems and Felix Lenferink have established themselves as ones to watch over the last year with two excellent releases on Delsin.  320 more words

New Music