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Lies and Deceit from Australia's "Vaxxed" promoters

Lies and deception are second nature to the Australian Vaccination skeptics Network and particularly the group’s conspiracy-pushing driving force, Meryl Dorey.

Never one to stray far from the spotlight Dorey has been active in promoting the anti-vaccine conspiracy theory propaganda flick, … 1,528 more words


Meryl Dorey thankful the truth about vaccines is out

Imagine a warm, sunny day in the future. Meryl Dorey calls a press conference. She walks out, stands there, solemn, eyes downcast, a slight hint of a smile. 415 more words


A batch of idiots on Twitter

While using my political account to support California’s SB18 proposal and jumping on it’s detractors, the cow manure hit the fan resulting in another addition to the AV Name Check and some already on it jumping in as well – including a couple I had already blocked. 1,216 more words