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Women's Snickers

I had a lovely International Women’s Day last week. I’d been feeling a bit grumpy on account of lady problems – my bits ached, I was emotional, and I had a savage craving for Snickers like you wouldn’t believe, so I wasn’t massively in the mood to celebrate being a woman. 613 more words

Spring Memes Make Me Feel Fine: Meryl Shouting Into The Void

Look, I know we just did a Spring Memes piece a couple weeks ago, but this is too good not to pass up.

Like with all great memes, we can’t be 100% sure where it originated, but what I can tell you that this photo of Meryl Streep that is the basis of the meme is from two years ago when she was whooping for Debbie Reynolds at the SAG Awards. 455 more words


Surviving the Friend Zone!

Quite recently, I was put in a position that made me very uncomfortable. A childhood friend of mine sent me a semi-lengthy message confessing his love to me… 1,136 more words

New trending GIF on Giphy

New trending GIF tagged meme, meryl streep, cheer, cheering, shouting, shout via Giphy http://ift.tt/2msO26b


That Pig is a She! Normality of normative maleness

March 22, 2017

My daughter, Cozy, is now 2 years and 7 months old. (I will not say she’s “31 months old.” I won’t.) Seven months ago she had a few words, in English and Spanish. 863 more words


Julie & Julia....annndd now I'm hungry...

Julie & Julia (2009), directed by Nora Ephron, is based on the true stories of two women and the inspiration and journey that they undertake through the art of French cuisine. 708 more words

Currently running in Jefferson Park, 'Unseen' definitely should be seen


What has been seen cannot be unseen. Perhaps that’s a cliche, but believing you can “un-see” something is the lie that the photojournalist in the heart of “Unseen” unsuccessfully tries to live by. 438 more words