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I Own This Scene!: Meryl Streep in The Manchurian Candidate (2004)

The Manchurian Candidate, the 2004 version, is a rare thing. Namely, it’s a remake that doesn’t make me barf.

Truth be told, it’s a remake lovers of quality films everywhere should flock to. 450 more words


Liberating Words :-)

I’ve been having so many thoughts lately that keep me completely involved in myself, but what I have noticed is that my thoughts always get me in trouble. 498 more words


Old Habits....Some need to live on.

What inspires you? I know my, kids, my family, yada yada I know… NO. That’s all pretty awesome but, not anything like that. I mean something that only you do, by yourself. 614 more words


White Nights: An evening at the 2015 Diner en blanc NYC

I realize I have been gone for a while.  Turns out I have something called “friends,” which are people who share common interests and ask you to do things and spend time with them.   837 more words

Personal Anecdote

Meryl Streep Learned Electric Guitar to Co-Star with Rick Springfield in New Movie

By: Jim Johnson

Rick Springfield says Meryl Streep was “really brave” in learning to master the electric guitar and play a credible musician in the movie Ricki and the Flash. 78 more words


Tom Brokaw Thinks Meryl Streep Is 'a Hell of a Lot Cuter' Than Mozart

“Here’s the definition of being in gala heaven,” Jed Bernstein said last night, taking the stage in the upper concourse of Avery Fisher Hall. “When the person being honored actually loves what they’re being honored for. 378 more words


(Trích từ chia sẻ của nữ diễn viên Meryl Streep, những điều chúng ta nên chiêm nghiệm lại cho cuộc sống của mình)

“Tôi không còn đủ kiên nhẫn cho rất nhiều thứ, không phải bởi vì tôi trở nên kiêu căng mà bởi vì đã đến lúc tôi nhận thấy mình không nên phí thời gian cho những gì làm phiền lòng và tổn thương mình. 427 more words

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