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Kurt Schwitters, Merz 370

The radical experimental art of Kurt Schwitters stands out in its singularity, although aligned at different times in his career with different groups of artists, there is always a sense when examining his work that he was out on his own in terms of his originality and shear invention. 319 more words


Kurt Schwitters - Ursonate

Kurt Schwitters a rédigé « Ursonate » ou « sonate in Urlaute » qui signifie « sonate en sons primitifs ». Il sera publié dans le 24ème et dernier numéro de sa revue Merz. 2,297 more words



Lanke trr gll
p p p p p
oka oka oka oka
Lanke trr gll
pi pi pi pi pi
zuka zuka zuka zuka… 42 more words

Poetry Box

Marisa Merz: The Forgotten Woman of Arte Povera

Marisa Merz: the forgotten woman of Arte Povera. Translated literally as “poor art”, Arte Povera consisted of a handful of Italian artists who used simple materials — components you might find in a trash heap or a forgotten thrift store — and focused on a return to quotidian subjects and the re-connection of art to life. 2,258 more words

Merz Pies

Stake Pie

Gala Pie

Cake Pie

Constructing Landscapes Exhibition, Merzbarn, Elterwater, Lake District, Cumbria, 2014

This series of site-responsive pies were made on the Merz Barn site, where artist Kurt Schwitters spent the final years of his life working on his final Merzbau. 274 more words