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Kurt Schwitters popped into my life in Newcastle, England in 1999. I was cruising the streets looking for excitement and drifted in to a university art gallery where a Schwitters retrospective  was on. 1,348 more words

Kurt Schwitters

A Hanover bourgeois, Kurt Schwitters,
Grew tired of painting his sitters.
In sentences terse
He declared all art Merz
And made poems from sneezes and titters. 67 more words

Visual Arts

Have you ever wondered why some people are more pleasing to the eye than others?

Accordingly to Merz Aesthetics, achieving the “Golden ratio” for your face shape and features is the key to possessing a face that is considered universally beautiful. 500 more words


Research: Precursor to Surrealism - Merz


The term Merz is a synonym for the more common term Dada, with the Hugo Ball, the founder of Cabaret Voltaire, founded in 1916 in Zurich, which has designated by him and his colleagues targeted new art direction – Dadaism. 244 more words

Positions And Practise

Favorite Photo Friday - Snow!

It was a snowy, windy day in New Jersey yesterday, so this seemed like a good one! I have always loved this image from my Cubbage side. 154 more words


Kurt Schvitters research

Dadaism was an art movement of European avantgarde art that first made an appearance in the early 20th century. Dadaism or Dada was a form of artistic anarchy born out of disgust for the social, political and cultural values of the time. 307 more words

141 Survey Of Design

Merz restoration

I have been restoring this lovely little Merz microscope, it’s a very special, rare microscope so I want to be careful not to over-restore it. 459 more words