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All by Itself, the Humble Sweet Potato Colonized the World

Many botanists argued that humans must have carried the valuable staple to the Pacific from South America. Not so, according to a new study.

Carl Zimmer… 1,386 more words

Mexico City's Buried History

Tenochtitlan, the great capital of the indigenous Mexihcah people was, at its zenith, one of the largest cities in the world. Today, it’s the site of Mexico City and is still one of the world’s largest cities. 478 more words

Indigenous Perspectives


OLMECA: En el 2,000 a.C. se asentaron desde Tabasco y la costa oriental del golfo
de México hasta Centroamérica. Utilizan la piedra en esculturas y arquitectura. 1,025 more words


The constant struggle of staying healthy on the road

Hello from Mexico!

It’s already been 5 months that I left Germany, and I am travelling around Latin America since 3 months now. After visiting my boyfriend in the USA I have been to Puerto Rico, Cuba and Mexico. 453 more words


Art in Bloom 2018: Mesoamerica

It’s been an odd winter and it’s hard to believe that spring has sprung… Yet, that blooming time of the year has arrived at the NCMA!  123 more words


Tzolkin Begins

the 260-Day sacred calendar of the Maya rolls around once more.

Tzolk’in is the name we’ve come to use for this particular calendar, although its original name is lost to us (or at least to any of my sources. 568 more words