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Book Review: Teotihuacan: An Experiment in Living

Book Title: Teotihuacan: An Experiment in Living

Author: Dr. Esther Pasztory

Publishing Data: University of Oklahoma Press, 1997

While the Aztec and Maya were present when the Spanish arrived, Central America was home to cultures that vanished long before the conquistadors in their tall ships arrived. 445 more words

Ancient Civilizations

Why you probably shouldn't eat people.

Since I first went overseas I decided my rule on exotic foods would be: well if they enjoy it, then it’s worth trying. Basically anything was fair game. 2,429 more words

Back in NoHo

I have absolutely no background information on the artists featured in this week’s post, except that it is on the side of the Rose Theater in North Hollywood, CA. ¬† 122 more words

Street Art

Crossing Worlds ~ Rise of the Aztecs #2 #Histfic #SundayBlogShare @ZoeSaadia

  • Author: Zoe Saadia
  • Kindle Edition
  • Category: Historical Fiction

With the crushing defeat resulting in the conquest of the beautiful Texcoco, fleeing into the Highlands seemed like their only option. 

588 more words
Historical Fiction

A Vegan Discovers Pachamama

I read the blog entry below last year and found it inspiring, being vegan means you have to know where you can eat/drink or buy beforehand though in modern towns there’s usually at least a health food store. 4,865 more words

Time And Culture

AN04a2_Ch.16: The Maya

AN04a2_Ch.16: Peoples and Empires in the Americas: Maya Kings and Cities 1,036 more words


AN04a_Native American Civilizations

AN04a_Native American Civilizations

FS: The Americas Nurture Great Civilizations- An Overview.
Timeline: 10th C. BCE – 15th C. CE

Main Idea: Often, secondary school history courses and textbooks in the United States reflect a world view similar in values to that of Europe. 431 more words