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Aztec Warfare: Internal Politics


The Aztec Empire was an imperial, hegemonic confederacy made up of conquered and/or subservient towns, cities, and polities. The empire lasted approximately 90 years from 1428 AD to 1521 AD after which it was officially incorporated into the Spanish Empire (more on this later). 923 more words

Aztec Warfare

Cahokia and the Impulse For Good Intentions

This past week I went to, among other places, the Cahokia Mounds outside St. Louis, on the Illinois side of the Mississippi.  While the area is well documented and the Interpretive Center/museum/theater/snack bar/gift shop is well maintained, I found myself viewing the entire presentation with an increasing sense of skepticism that bordered on outright denial of the idyllic picture painted by the conservators of the site.   1,204 more words

American History

The Molinillo and Froth-Making: A Look at the Spanish Colonialism Through Chocolate

The molinillo is a chocolate froth-making device that symbolized the creolization of the Spaniards and the Mesoamericans during the Spanish Conquest. Although much of its usage has been the same today as it was during its invention in the 15th century, the chocolate drink has become creolized, and much of its spiritual significance has been lost. 1,679 more words

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The Three Souls: Yolia, Tonali, Ihiyotl

The peoples’ of Mesoamerica believed in the existence of three souls that governed different parts of a human being.

The Yolia is the soul that is responsible for animation of the body, an individual’s personality, aptitudes, and desires. 575 more words

Why Don't You? #74


Why don’t you always have a champagne bucket at your side? It’s an elegant way to cool your beverages, and you needn’t only chill champagne. 481 more words


Things I Loved This Week #107

Middle School Turn Up Playlist:

BuzzFeed is surly one of the greatest things to happen on the Internet in the entirety of its history. Where else can you find good reporting on the Baltimore protests, pictures of school lunches around the world, and twenty-five facts you never knew about your feet? 1,246 more words


Maya Steambaths and Heat

Steambathing was so popular and used among these particular highland Mayans because of the hot and cold system they followed regarding their health. Physical and mental health is all a result of balancing between hot and cold. 778 more words