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Learning to work with nature: Two and a half weeks in a permaculture forest in Guatemala

Let me tell you about a place where avocado trees line quiet dirt roads leading to the shore of one of the most beautiful lakes in the world; a place where Mayan children race each other with kites at dusk; a place where laughter fills the walls of humble homes. 1,876 more words


The great riddle of a seven-headed figure

An interesting petroglyph is circulating around the internet. Unfortunately, the only info I could find about it is that it has been discovered in Khakassia region, Siberia and that it is dated to 5000 BC. 1,336 more words


Emily and the Hummingbird's Colors

Good day everyone! I’m going to delve into unknown territory for me and do a myth from the Mayans. As a archaeology nerd, I’ve always adored their pyramids and learning a bit about their culture. 586 more words


Mid-Semester Report (Part 1)

Hi Wonderful Listeners.

I suppose you might have been wondering how school has been treating me? Well, school itself has definitely been good. I admit, a little hectic at times, but good nonetheless. 2,803 more words


Sealed Up by Steve Dunn Hanson

A tele-evangelist, a drug lord, a Mayan witch doctor, archaeologists and a DEA agent all collide in a race to find the centuries-old mystical Mayan records hidden somewhere in the  Guatemalan mountains! 233 more words

Adult Fiction

The Death of the Jaguar

NOTE: New story.  It’s about a prince from an indeterminate Mesoamerican civilization faced with Conquistadors. It’s supposed to be more of a fable and so it’s NOT historically accurate. 3,704 more words


Orienting West Mexico

Later today I shall attend Peter Jimenez’s final seminar for his dissertation thesis entitled Orienting West Mexico: The Mesoamerican World-System 200–1200 CE. This will be the third dissertation thesis on Mesoamerica from my department.

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