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The New World Foods That Changed Europe

The world is a big pot. A spoon is the heart. What the meal is depends on how you stir and what products you use… 1,523 more words

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The Columbian Food Exchange

When we cook or just consume food and eat meals we don’t pay much attention to the origin of the ingredients in them. We focus mainly on the taste itself and the quality of the ingredients. 1,541 more words

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Neotropical diversification - the book

In November 2016, Springer contacted me to write a book on neotropical diversification. I proposed an edited book including as many views as possible on this fascinating topic and inivted Ana Carnaval, from the City University of New York, to join me as co-editor. 179 more words


En Mesoamérica, encontramos la literatura en los códices prehispánicos y coloniales, en las estelas y vasijas, en la tradición oral y en los himnos religiosos dedicados a deidades antiguas.

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The oldest book from the Americas?

I read an article today about the Grolier Codex, a collection of pages from a 13th century AD Mayan book that has had a speckled history in scholarship. 833 more words


[NB] Distaff of the Heavens

I’m just riffing off of the recent reading and household discussion of Elizabeth Wayland Barber’s Women’s Work: The First 20,000 Years. It’s a great book and part of its strength is its strength lies in its tight focus on the archaeological record. 524 more words

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The miraculous milpa

If you jumped in a time machine and materialised 4000 years ago in what is now modern Mexico, it is likely that you would see maize being cultivated in a field called a milpa. 473 more words